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LTC: Caught in the Act

By PEPS Alumni Guest House meeting room: Clara Hardy, Professor of Classical Languages; Deanna Haunsperger, Professor of Mathematics; Stephen Mohring, Associate Professor of Art; John Ramsay, ...

LTC: Urban Lessons: Teaching the City with Connected Students

By PEPS In off-campus programs and in the classroom, we ask students to make sense of urban areas, even though not all students are familiar with or comfortable in such environments. How can we help ...

LTC: Team-Based Learning: An Effective Strategy for Increasing Student Engagement and Learning

By PEPS Rich Goedde, Associate Professor of Economics and Director of Management Studies, St. Olaf College and Fernan Jaramillo, Associate Professor of Biology, Carleton College.

LTC: The Faculty Role in Providing Access to a Carleton Education

Melissa Eblen-Zayas, Assistant Professor of Physics; Adriana Estill, Associate Professor of English and American Studies; and Devashree Gupta, Assistant Professor of Political Science After our ...

LTC: How Do Students Benefit from Undergraduate Research in the Sciences?

Sandra Laursen, Codirector and Research Associate, Ethnography & Evaluation Research (E&ER), Center to Advance Research at Teaching in the Social Sciences (CARTSS), University ...

LTC: Integrating and Supporting the Visual: How We Work

By PEPS Egohsa Awaah '08, Student Researcher; Andrea Nixon, Director of Curricular and Research Support; and Heather Tompkins, Reference and Instruction Librarian Members of the Carleton ...

LTC: Visualizing the Victorian Novel

By PEPS Susan Jaret McKinstry, Helen F. Lewis Professor of English How can we teach old books to new students? How can visual technologies help students understand historical objects? How can one ...

LTC: How do we Teach Quantitative Reasoning? Foster a Curricular Conspiracy

Deborah Hughes Hallet, Professor of Mathematics, University of Arizona, and Adjunct Professor of Pubilc Policy, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University Drawing on her experience teaching ...

LTC: Weasel Words: Using QR to Teach Precision in Argumentation

Nathan Grawe, Associate Professor of Economics A recent survey of college graduates reveals that students especially appreciate faculty members who have advocated precision in language. While this ...