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LTC: Beyond the Data

By PEPS Presenters: Mary Savina, Charles L. Denison Professor of Geology and Faculty Assessment Coordinator and Cherry Danielson, Associate Director, Institutional Research and Assessment. Carleton ...

LTC: QuIRK at 5

By PEPS Nathan Grawe, associate professor of economics and director of QuIRK, and Greg Marfleet, associate professor of political science. For 5 years QuIRK has been working to develop quantitative ...

LTC: Quantitatve Reasoning in the Arts, Literature, and Humanities

By PEPS Sun Hee Lee, CFD Fellow in the English Department; George H. Vrtis, Assistant Professor of Environmental and Technology Studies and History; and Harry McKinley Williams, Laird Bell Professor ...

LTC: How do we Teach Quantitative Reasoning? Foster a Curricular Conspiracy

Deborah Hughes Hallet, Professor of Mathematics, University of Arizona, and Adjunct Professor of Pubilc Policy, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University Drawing on her experience teaching ...

LTC: Weasel Words: Using QR to Teach Precision in Argumentation

Nathan Grawe, Associate Professor of Economics A recent survey of college graduates reveals that students especially appreciate faculty members who have advocated precision in language. While this ...

LTC: Critical Thinking About Numbers in the News

Milo Schield, Professor, Department of Business Administration, Augsburg Colelge Milo Schield discusses research he has been doing on how numbers are represented in the popular media. In addition, he ...

LTC: The Principal Language of Public Argument: Observations on Quantitative Reasoning in Student Writing

Tammy Feldman, Visiting Associate Professor of Economics; and Neil Lutsky, William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor of Psychology. Cosponsor: Quantitative Inquiry, Reasoning, and Knowledge (Quirk) Initiative.

LTC: Numbers of Words about Numbers with Words: How Faculty are Integrating Quantitative Thinking and Writing in Their Courses

By PEPS Adriana Estill, Assistant Professor of English and American Studies; Tammy Feldman, Visiting Associate Professor of Economics; Neil Lutsky, Professor of Psychology; Mary Savina, Professor of ...

LTC: Reading, Writing, and...Quantitative Inquiry: Involving First-Year Students in Research and Writing with Numbers

By PEPS Neil Lutsky, Professor of Psychology and Annette Nierobisz, Assistant Professor of Sociology Cosponsors: The Quantitative Inquiry, Reasoning, and Knowledge (QuIRk) program and the FIPSE grant

LTC: Quantitative Skills in the Sciences: What Students Need to Know

By PEPS Samuel Patterson, Professor of Mathematics, Chair of Mathematics and Computer Science

LTC - The QRE: Making Your Classes Count

By PEPS Presenters: Greg Marfleet, Associate Professor of Political Science; Serena Zabin, Associate Professor of History; and Adrienne Falcon, Director of Academic Civic Engagement. We introduce a ...