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Teaching Geoscience and Sustainability

NAGT sponsors and collaborates with projects committed to improving geoscience education in the context of relevant societal challenges such as environmental degradation, food supply, energy needs, mineral resources, climate change and more. Many types of resources are available.

Sustainability in the Geosciences

Sustainability is an interdisciplinary topic and the geosciences can learn from and provide resources to other disciplines. In light of the grand challenges facing our society today, students need to understand not only how the Earth works but how that relates to the issues that surround them. Individuals who understand this relationship are poised to find innovative solutions.

InTeGrate: Interdisciplinary Teaching of Geoscience for a Sustainable Future
InTeGrate is focused on increasing the capacity to teach geoscience through a relevant social lens in all disciplines. Collaboratively developed and tested teaching materials are being designed to have a high impact on student learning, have flexibility to be used in many educational settings, and be rooted in progressive teaching pedagogy.

Teaching Sustainability in Geoscience from SISL
Part of the Sustainability Improves Student Learning (SISL) teaching sustainability collection, this compilation includes links to teaching resources, example geoscience programs teaching sustainability, continuing education opportunities, and additional resources. SISL focuses on resources for teaching sustainability from interdisciplinary and disciplinary perspectives. For those new to incorporating sustainability into your teaching, start with the beginner's toolkit. There is also pedagogical information for designing sustainability assignments.

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