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Solar panel statistical tests

Owen Byer, Eastern Mennonite University
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In this activity, students will use t-tests and Anova tests to determine whether there is a statistically significant difference in the number of watts of power produced on individual solar panels situated at Bryn Mawr College.

A data set is provided, though students will be encouraged to collect their own data at the Bryn Mawr website.

Learning Goals

It will build student skill in analyzing data in mechanisms designed to benefit society.

Students will gain practice in using statistics to demonstrate effectiveness.

Students will be encouraged to design an experiment to compare power from solar panel configurations.

Context for Use

This activity is appropriate for an individual or small group HW assignment in an introductory statistics class that covers t-tests and ANOVA tests.

Description and Teaching Materials

The downloadable Word document contains an introduction, a data set, a link to a web page where the students can find additional data, some homework questions, and a few notes for the teacher. Solar panel statistical tests (Microsoft Word 2007 (.docx) 21kB Mar16 13)

Teaching Notes and Tips

See the bottom of the Word document.


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