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Our Geologic Environment (GSCI 100)
Dori Farthing, SUNY Geneseo
This is a physical geology/Earth science course aimed at non-science majors. In the lecture students learn basic geological concepts and are encouraged to see how these ideas apply to their own lives. The course ...

Honors Physical Geology
Jeffrey Nunn, Louisiana State University
Introduction to Physical Geology using Grotzinger et al. This is an honors section of the course so it is taught at a higher level and more work is required. This class is also certified as communication intensive ...

Geology for Engineers
Mary Beth Gray, Bucknell University
This is an introductory course designed for first year civil engineering students. Lectures, classroom exercises, discussions, indoor labs, homework, readings, and a long-term library research project are all components of this course. Field labs include limestone and coal surface mines, karstified terrain, and surficial and bedrock mapping.

University of New Hampshire - Earth System Science for Teachers
Joel Johnson, University of New Hampshire-Main Campus
This is a new 2 week summer institute/course we are developing as part of our NSF funded GEO-Teach Project. The course will be taught for the first time during the summer of 2007. This summer institute/course is ...

Geology 100 - Introduction to Geology
Paul Price, University of Wisconsin Washington County
This course is an introduction to physical geology taught at a first-year level in an all-lecture format.

GEO235: The Physical Earth
Laurel Goodell, Princeton University
This course is an introduction to physical geology and geological processes. Topics include earth materials and structure, geologic time, internal and surface processes, and current issues in geoscience research. ...

Dynamic Earth
Anne Egger, Central Washington University
Dynamic Earth is an activity-based introductory course. The course focuses on the fundamentals of earth processes to help students begin to understand the geologic processes that influence the landscape around ...

Surface Processes and Geomorphology
Eric Leonard, Colorado College
This is a process-oriented geomorphology course with substantial "interactive lecture", lab, field, and GIS components. In addition to an emphasis on geomorphic processes and methods particular to their ...

Earth Science
Kiran Kumar Satyavarapu
Students from grades 9-12 learn concepts in Earth science and apply them to their daily life. All the classes and courses are based on Arizona State standards, incorporating Navajo Standards.

Physical Geology
Vince Cronin, Baylor University
This is a rather standard course in physical geology, except that some common topics are omitted (deserts, coastlines, marine geology), shortened (glaciers), or included/expanded (geologic time, the history of life ...