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Geology of a graveyard
Sharon Browning, Baylor University
This is a simple field experiment exercise that illustrates differences between basic rock types and weathering in a region.

BotEC: The Grand Canyon's Rate of Erosion
Peter Kresan
Question: Some geologic processes, like volcanism and earthquakes, occur intermittently but can cause significant and sometimes catastrophic change very quickly. Others, like weathering, act continuously but ...

Rain Erosion-Does the Rate of Water Effect Erosion?
kyle johnson
This activity is a guided inquiry investigation where students gather data on rate of water falling on erosion. Student will interpret their data, and develop a conclusion from the data. The data will lead to further questions, which can be developed by the students.

Backyard Field Trips: Bringing Earth Science to Life on Campus
Mark Francek Department of Geography Central Michigan University Mt. Pleasant, MI 48859 Intended Audience:Undergraduate students in introductory geology classes Location: This field trip takes place on Central ...

Red rock and concretion models from Earth to Mars: Teaching diagenesis
Margie Chan, University of Utah
This activity teaches students concepts of terrestrial diagenesis (cementation, fluid flow, porosity and permeability, concretions) and encourages them to apply those concepts to new or unknown settings, including ...

Investigating the Rock Cycle Through Writing and Illustrating
Leah Campbell, Central Intermediate School, Stewartville, MN, based on an original activity developed by Alissa Naymark, Rochester Public Schools
This activity is a quantative writing activity where students will use writing and illustrations to show their knowledge of the basic rock cycle.

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