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Sleeping Mountain Scenario
Original Author: Janice Cooper. Posted with the permission of Glenn Jaecks, (University of California Davis Geology Department) Introduction | Format for Discussion | The Reality of the Threat at Mammoth | Web ...

Is there a present volcanic hazard?
The volcanic processes that created the Yellowstone Geoecosystem are still active. One way that geoscientists determine the likelihood of a certain type of eruption occurring is by documenting how often they have ...

Impact of Natural Disasters on the Earth
Judy Radke, Nicollet Public School, Nicollet, MN
This activity is a student based inquiry looking at various natural disasters and their impact.

Save an Animal Board Game - Impact of Human Activity or Natural Disasters
Ginger Baldwin Bert Raney Elementary Granite Falls, MN Based on an activity from: Bosak, Susan V. (1991). Science Is... (2nd ed.). Ontario, Canada: Scholastic Canada LTD & The Communication Project.
This student activity engages the students' thinking by listening to a story, brainstorming ideas in small groups about how human activity or natural disasters could possibly impact an animal's environment, and then reinforcing that thinking using a board game called Save an Animal.

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