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Sustainability in Geosciences in a Liberal Arts Curriculum
Jeff Walker, Vassar College
Jeff Walker, Earth Science and Geography, Vassar CollegeSustainability for me encompasses two important concepts. It is the merging of environmental, fiscal, and social concerns to help create an equitable ...

The Relevance of Place and Sense of Place to Sustainability
Steven Semken, Arizona State University
Steven Semken, School of Earth and Space Exploration, Arizona State UniversityIn response to sprawl and globalization that challenge integrity of ecosystems and diversity of cultures (i.e., environmental ...

Feeding the World - Teaching Sustainability in a Plant Biology Course
Susan Singer, Carleton College
Susan Singer, Biology, Carleton College Plant Biology at Carleton is designed to introduce students to the basic concepts of plant anatomy, morphology, evolution, biochemistry, physiology, and development in the ...

Instilling a sense of sustainability in a large introductory course
Brooke Crowley, University of Cincinnati-Main Campus
Brooke Crowley, Geology and Anthropology, University of Cincinnati My philosophy has been defined both by my experiences as an instructor and as a student. I am fortunate to have been strongly influenced by ...

Voices of Practice: Teaching Yoga, Sustainability, and Justice
Karen Gaul, The Evergreen State College
Karen Gaul, The Evergreen State College Description This essay describes experiments in a practice-based model of teaching at The Evergreen State College. Integrating yogic texts such as the Yoga Sutra with ...

The Practice of Inner Habitat Restoration: A Contemplative Approach To Sustainability Studies
Kurt Hoelting
Kurt Hoelting, a member of the Curriculum for the Bioregion Initiative's "Sustainability and Reflective and Contemplative Practice" faculty learning communityDescriptionThis essay explores "the ...

Fundamentals of Sustainability at the University of Arkansas - Emphasizing Institutional Strengths
Stephen Boss, University of Arkansas Main Campus
Stephen K. Boss, Environmental Dynamics, University of Arkansas Main Campus Fundamentals of Sustainability is an interdisciplinary course designed to introduce undergraduate students to basic concepts and theories ...

Keeping it lively: Incorporating readings, research, films, speakers, and writing into sustainability courses
Katherine Straub, Susquehanna University
Katherine Straub, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Susquehanna University My experience teaching sustainability in an interdisciplinary geoscience-based context is based on two courses I have taught at ...

Value of Co-Teaching, Project-Based Learning, and Common Communication for Teaching Sustainability to an Interdisciplinary Class
Steven Burian, University of Utah
Steve Burian, Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of Utah Teaching sustainability to students from different disciplines requires new approaches to course planning, lesson planning, pedagogy, student ...

One economist's approach to interdisciplinary teaching and exploration of sustainability
Morris Coats, Nicholls State University
Morris Coats, Management, Marketing and Business Administration, Nicholls State University"The Theory of Economics does not furnish a body of settled conclusions immediately applicable to policy. It is a ...

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