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Teaching Sustainability Through History
Derek Larson, Saint Johns University
Derek Larson, Environmental Studies, The College of St. Benedict/St. John's UniversityOur environmental studies department was created 20 years ago with the specific intention of interdisciplinarity in its ...

Sustainability: Teaching for a Moving Target
Julie Maxson, Metropolitan State University
Julie Maxson, Natural Sciences, Metropolitan State University "You ever wonder what global warming is going to look like? In its early stages, exactly like this."Bill McKibben on the recent Colorado ...

The imperative for chemists to teach about sustainability
Scott Cummings, Kenyon College
Scott Cummings, Chemistry, Kenyon CollegeChemistry plays a central role in many of the global and local aspects of sustainability: with problems of continued dependence on fossil fuels, and with the promise of new ...

Sustainability in Geosciences in a Liberal Arts Curriculum
Jeff Walker, Vassar College
Jeff Walker, Earth Science and Geography, Vassar CollegeSustainability for me encompasses two important concepts. It is the merging of environmental, fiscal, and social concerns to help create an equitable ...

Crossing Disciplinary Borders for Sustainability Education
Ellen Metzger, San Jose State University
Ellen Metzger, Geology and Science Education, San Jose State UniversityMy relatively recent interest in teaching about sustainability was catalyzed by an unexpected opportunity to reconnect with an old friend when ...

Making Connections between Geoscience and Sustainability
Laura Rademacher, University of the Pacific
Laura Rademacher, Earth & Environmental Sciences, University of the Pacific My approach to teaching sustainability in an interdisciplinary context has evolved out of years of teaching about the Earth and the ...

Geosciences in Sustainability: Upstream, Downstream, and in Between
Laura Webb, University of Vermont and State Agricultural College
Laura Webb, Geology, University of Vermont and State Agricultural College I am relatively new to teaching about sustainability and one year ago I wouldn't have predicted being on this path. The inspiration to ...

Teaching Sustainability in a Study Abroad Course
Lori Troxel, Vanderbilt University
Lori Troxel, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Vanderbilt UniversityAs a structural engineering professor I wanted to incorporate more about sustainability in my courses. Because of limited class time, I was ...

Finding Interdisciplinary Common Ground for Sustainability
Brenda Bowen, University of Utah
Brenda Bowen, Geology and Geophysics & Global Change and Sustainability Center, University of UtahThe grand challenges facing society today-- climate change, depleting natural resources, environmental ...

Eating for a Healthy You and a Sustainable Planet
Benjamin Cuker, Hampton University
Benjamin Cuker, Marine and Environmental Science, Hampton University For the last three years I have co-taught an honors seminar called "Eating for A Healthy You and a Sustainable Planet." I teach the ...

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