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Approach and Challenges to a General Undergraduate Sustainability Science Course
Lisa M.B. Harrington, Kansas State University, Geography I teach a mid- to upper-division course on sustainability, which I introduced as "Sustainability Science," oriented around the recommendation that ...

Why Sustainability Education Needs Pedagogies of Reflection and Contemplation
Marie Eaton, Western Washington University; Kate Davies, Center for Creative Change, Antioch University Seattle; Sarah Williams, The Evergreen State College; Jean MacGregor, The Evergreen State College
This essay sets out a rationale and framework for pedagogies of reflective and contemplative practice and makes an argument for why they are critically important to sustainability education.

How Should We Teach 'Sustainability Science'?
Tracey Holloway, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Tracey Holloway, Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison My main motivation for teaching sustainability is to promote solutions-oriented thinking about environmental challenges. ...

Sustainability and Hanford Reach
Tracy Lai, Seattle Community College-Central Campus
Tracy Lai, Humanities/Social Sciences, Seattle Central Community College The struggle over Hanford Reach, the last wild stretch of the Columbia River, is difficult to understand unless we take an interdisciplinary ...

Geosciences in Sustainability: Upstream, Downstream, and in Between
Laura Webb, University of Vermont and State Agricultural College
Laura Webb, Geology, University of Vermont and State Agricultural College I am relatively new to teaching about sustainability and one year ago I wouldn't have predicted being on this path. The inspiration to ...

The imperative for chemists to teach about sustainability
Scott Cummings, Kenyon College
Scott Cummings, Chemistry, Kenyon CollegeChemistry plays a central role in many of the global and local aspects of sustainability: with problems of continued dependence on fossil fuels, and with the promise of new ...

Questions about application, theory, and engagement with sustainability
Mary Ann Cunningham, Vassar College
Mary Ann Cunningham, Earth Science and Geography, Vassar College The issues that currently puzzle me about teaching sustainability are (1) what seems like a gulf between those who are enthusiastic and those who ...

How do we teach the science of sustainability?
Noah Snyder, Boston College
Noah Snyder, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Boston College The workshop introduction begins with the statement: "Sustainability is emerging as a central theme for teaching about the environment, whether it ...

Sustainability in an Oceanography Course
Katryn Wiese, City College of San Francisco
Katryn Wiese, Earth Sciences, City College of San FranciscoCurrently the primary classes in which I teach about Sustainability are Oceanography, Environmental Geology, and Physical Geology. Oceanography is my ...

Productive sustainability discourse through insisting on diverse perspectives
Hitesh Soneji, City College of San Francisco
Hitesh Soneji, Engineering and Technology, City College of San Francisco Perhaps the most important step in making a course interdisciplinary is to attract students with a variety of interests and disciplines ...

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