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Making Sustainability Real
Dan Vaughn, Vincennes University
Daniel Vaughn, Earth Science, Vincennes University I have found in teaching this course (an advanced introductory course open to majors and the non-majors alike), in addition to other classes at VU and other ...

Market Based Economies and Sustainability
Chris McIntosh, University of Minnesota-Duluth
Chris McIntosh, Economics, University of Minnesota-Duluth Sustainability must be taught in an interdisciplinary context due to the three major perspectives it encompasses: environmental, financial, and social. I ...

Demonstrating why sustainability is complex
Cailin Huyck Orr, Washington State University- Pullman
Cailin Huyck Orr, School of the Environment, Washington State University - Pullman Promoting sustainability is complicated and I am not convinced that we always understand how to do it well. This makes teaching ...

Teaching Approaches for Sustainability Education
Bruno Borsari, Winona State University
Bruno Borsari, Biology, Winona State University My proposed model of instruction for sustainability education is focusing on learning about the natural resource base, which provides food, fiber, renewable energy ...

Bridging the Gap
Amy Gates-Young, Central College
Global Sustainability is an area of strength at Central College, and it is therefore infused throughout the various areas of the college. The administration of the college has visibly supported sustainability by signing the Talloires Agreement and the President's Climate Commitment. This dedication to sustainability also extends to our facilities planning, with three LEED-certified projects having been completed since 2003. Central College is in an especially active stage of curricular development for sustainability-related topics. We have a strong and vibrant program in Environmental Studies, offering both a major and minor. Having unanimously passed the Global Sustainability core requirement as part of recent curricular revisions, the number of courses with a focus on sustainability is increasing each semester. To encourage this growth, the college recently hosted the "Prairie Project", a three-day interdisciplinary workshop on sustainability curriculum development and the resources available to faculty members.

Introductory Essay
Brian Caton, Luther College
Because there isn't much time to revise, and because the main purpose of these essays is introductory, I have adopted a somewhat autobiographical structure to the essay, and I can't claim that the essay has a central argument. But I hope this essay presents the degree to which sustainability appears in my research and teaching, and the hopes I have for this workshop.

Agricultural Futures
Craig Watson, Monmouth College
In the last three years I have worked with Monmouth College students on campus recycling projects, and as a member of a civic group (a few MC faculty belong) called "Green Solutions" on town/gown collaborative projects, using some of the college's senior courses in Citizenship (Integrated Studies core capstone courses) as vehicles for community outreach. Projects in at least five of the fourteen Citizenship courses presently offered directly address sustainability (campus and community) in a variety of ways. For example, a "Green Initiatives" course generated a successful town/gown proposal for a wind farm south of town. Another iteration of that course has analyzed and reported on ground and well water in Monmouth. Still another surveyed consumer and recycling habits in the community.

Sustainability, Collaboration and Complexity Science
John Motloch, Ball State University
John Motloch, Landscape Architecture & Land Design Institute, Ball State University We are living in an exciting, unprecedented time, when the world within the mind (of an individual or culture) and the world ...

Teaching sustainability through project based learning
James Stone, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
James Stone, Civil and Environmental Engineering, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology My approach to teaching sustainability revolves around an interdisciplinary sustainable design senior/graduate level ...

Finding Interdisciplinary Common Ground for Sustainability
Brenda Bowen, University of Utah
Brenda Bowen, Geology and Geophysics & Global Change and Sustainability Center, University of UtahThe grand challenges facing society today– climate change, depleting natural resources, environmental ...

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