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Teaching Sustainability: Students & Professors
Bill Stigliani, University of Northern Iowa
Bill Stigliani, Center for Energy & Environmental Education, University of Northern Iowa My approach to teaching an introductory course in sustainability is to help students envision a sustainable future they ...

Teaching Approaches for Sustainability Education
Bruno Borsari, Winona State University
Bruno Borsari, Biology, Winona State University My proposed model of instruction for sustainability education is focusing on learning about the natural resource base, which provides food, fiber, renewable energy ...

Sustainability in the Art Building
Kate Martinson, Luther College
Artists are the makers of things. We create these for ourselves or in reaction to exterior forces ranging from such things as economic necessity of the artist to political ideology to fashion. Teaching artists create not only things, but also create the intentional environment in which students can understand what visual art is, what it ought to be and how individuals can participate in it. The myth of the ' lone artist in the garret' encourages society to think of artists as having little interest in sustainability other than in a personal means of survival. However, sustainability is increasingly finding, and in many cases re-establishing, a place in studio, workshop and classroom. Teaching artists are finding that topics of and work with sustainability is 'invading' our space in higher education.

Sustainability at Coe College - Chemistry
Marty St. Clair, Coe College
In a sense, my interest in sustainability began as I worked with my father on a small farm in northern Indiana. While our operation was not particularly "green", my father's efforts were often focused on taking care of the land that he farmed. As an undergraduate, my focus on issues related to sustainability was honed by faculty who taught courses in a broadly based environmental studies program at Butler University. Professor Dick Miller showed me the complexity and rigor of the study of ecology, as well as introducing me to the complex issues of the time: energy, acid rain, water quality, and toxic wastes. Perhaps most importantly, he also introduced me to the work of Aldo Leopold, whose work has shaped my thinking on environmental issues since that time.

Sustainability in Psychology at Coe College
Jennifer Lee, Coe College
Does your college have a sustainability program? If so, does the program have a web presence?

Sustainability, Collaboration and Complexity Science
John Motloch, Ball State University
John Motloch, Landscape Architecture & Land Design Institute, Ball State University We are living in an exciting, unprecedented time, when the world within the mind (of an individual or culture) and the world ...

Teaching sustainability through project based learning
James Stone, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
James Stone, Civil and Environmental Engineering, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology My approach to teaching sustainability revolves around an interdisciplinary sustainable design senior/graduate level ...

Crossing Disciplinary Borders for Sustainability Education
Ellen Metzger, San Jose State University
Ellen Metzger, Geology and Science Education, San Jose State UniversityMy relatively recent interest in teaching about sustainability was catalyzed by an unexpected opportunity to reconnect with an old friend when ...

Making Connections between Geoscience and Sustainability
Laura Rademacher, University of the Pacific
Laura Rademacher, Earth & Environmental Sciences, University of the Pacific My approach to teaching sustainability in an interdisciplinary context has evolved out of years of teaching about the Earth and the ...

Teaching Sustainability in a Study Abroad Course
Lori Troxel, Vanderbilt University
Lori Troxel, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Vanderbilt UniversityAs a structural engineering professor I wanted to incorporate more about sustainability in my courses. Because of limited class time, I was ...

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