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An Experiential Pedagogy for Sustainability Ethics: The Externalities Game
Susan Spierre, Arizona state university
The Externalities Game is a non-cooperative game that teaches students about the concept of environmental externalities and allows them to directly experience the moral dimensions of collective action problems. It ...

Particle Size Analysis, Soil Texture, and Hydraulic Conductivity
Joseph Asante, Oberlin College
Lab: Particle Size Analysis, Soil Texture, and Hydraulic Conductivity

Activity Option 2.1 - Batteries as an Example of Consumer Demand and Mineral Supply
Joy Branlund, Southwestern Illinois College
Changes in rechargeable battery technology have dictated the supply and demand of commodities such as lithium, cobalt, cadmium, nickel, and lead. Students will study the changing technologies and other societal ...

Activity Option 2.2 - Rare Earth Elements: Critical Elements of the Future
PRAJUKTI Bhattacharyya, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
This activity is based on the global supply and demand relationships of rare earth elements (REE). Students will work in small groups to analyze China's role in global REE production and supply, and how REE ...

Activity 1.3 - Economic Development and Resource Use
Leah Joseph, Ursinus College; Joy Branlund, Southwestern Illinois College
This short activity (10–15 minutes) for Unit 1 introduces students to the general relationship between economic development and resource use, and, particularly with the follow-up homework, the relationship ...

Sustaining Indigenous Cultures
Tori Saneda, Cascadia Community College
Student teams will research an indigenous culture focusing on issues of both cultural and environmental sustainability as they are related to modern development.

Interconnectedness in The Upanishads and Upon Our Sheds
James Schneider, South Puget Sound Community College
In this workshop students gain understanding of the Hindu concept of monism and how it can be related to the sustainability concept of interconnectedness to classroom community as well as the natural environment on campus.

Researching Ocean Acidification in General Chemistry
Kalyn Shea Owens and Sonya Remington, North Seattle Community College
This research-based student project used the problem of ocean acidification to cover the sustainability concept of fossil fuel combustion and the disciplinary concepts of kinetics, equilibrium, acid-base chemistry and solubility.

"The Great Turning" Bioregional Community Fair
Randy Morris, Antioch University Seattle
An activity that involves students in organizing, promoting, and conducting a bioregional community fair, as well as engaging in community-based research. This would be appropriate in any introductory course on sustainability that explores the needed changes in worldviews and behaviors in order to realize sustainable societies.

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