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Investigating Rocks
Leah Bulver
In this classroom guided inquiry lesson, students will explore the properties of rocks. Students will make observations of granite and develop a hypothesis explaining what makes a rock.

Learning Assessment #8 - Concept Map (2011)
Leslie Reid, University of Calgary; Michelle Speta, University of Alberta
An end of the term, in-class activity that challenges students to synthesize their understanding of the fundamental concepts taught over the course of the semester - plate tectonics, the rock cycle, geologic time ...

Collecting and Identifying Rocks
Linda Harvey, Marquette Catholic School, Virginia,MN

Indentification of Earth Materials
Matthew Dahmen
By presenting the students with fossils and other earth materials and giving clues as to their origin, they will be able to identify the fossils and materials and be able to form a hypothesis as to how they were formed and what it was before preservation.

Looking at Minnesota Geology
Renee Suess, Kaleidoscope Charter School, Otsego MN used with the Foss Kit, Pebbles,Sand and Silt
This activity is used to help students describe various rock types.

Investigating SE MN Geology including rock layers, fossils, and Karst geology through Quarry Hill Nature Center
Amy Woxland Triton Middle School West Concord, MN 55985 Based on original activity from Quarry Hill Nature Center in Rochester, MN
This activity is a field investigation where students will increase their knowledge of SE MN geology including rock layers, fossils, and Karst topography. They will also learn how Karst Geology impacts our water quality.

In this activity students will observe and investigate rocks in order to classify them in terms of color, shape, texture and size.
Kathleen Oliver Webster Magnet Elementary School St. Paul, MN 55104
In this activity students will observe and investigate rocks in order to classify them in terms of color, shape, texture and size.

Soil vs. Rocks
Ama Xiong, Ames Elementary School, Saint Paul, MN Based on an original activity from the FOSS Kit, Pebbles, Sand, & Silt.
This lesson will extend the learning on rocks with the Foss kit, Pebbles, Sand, and Silt to include soil. Students will perform the soil sifting activity like the one designed for rocks in the Foss it. Through their work, students will complete a Venn diagram of soil and rocks as a class.

Growing & Observing Crystals
Mara Gould
This activity requires students to design an experiment to determine the best conditions for growing crystals. Students then are asked to conclude what the ideal conditions may be, how this information is useful, and who may want to know it. It is a great way to continue using scientific process skills within a Geology unit.

The Rivers that Connect Us- Stories from the Land
Ashley Riesgraf, Woodbury Middle School, Woodbury, MN
This activity takes students through the historical and geological events that shaped the areas near the Minnesota and Mississippi river confluence.

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