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Rock Cycle Activities


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Rock & Mineral Bingo
Kate Pound, Saint Cloud State University
This is a rock and mineral 'Bingo' that is based on knowledge and skill (not luck). It was designed as an entertaining and interactive means of developing and improving student rock and mineral ...

TELS Inquiry Project
S. Raj Chaudhury
TELS Inquiry projects are online investigations designed around core topics in the science curriculum. Students manipulate computer models to gather evidence for explaining real world phenomena - in this case ...

The chemistry of sand: Not all beaches are created equal
Alicia Newton
Students use science process skills to make observations about various types of sand and make predictions about chemical reactions.

Rock Cycle Skit
Rich Teske Pierz Healy High School, Pierz MN
This activity is a skit, commercial or song/rap about the rock cycle

Rock and mineral laboratory exercises in large auditorium classes
Alfred Pekarek
These exercises provide an opportunity for students in large auditorium classes with "hands on" examination of typical rocks and minerals and their properties.

Illinois Caverns Field Trip
Illinois Caverns Field Trip Kathleen Bower, Eastern Illinois University Intended Audience: Middle school through undergraduate students. Location: Waterloo, Illinois Middle School students tend to finish the ...

Earth History: Crayon Rock Cycle
Jane Schaffran
This is a classroom activity in which students develop understanding of the rock cycle using wax crayons to model the processes that form the 3 types of rock; sedimentary, igneous & metamorphic.

Investigating the Rock Cycle: Looking at similarities and differences in rocks in the rock cycle.
Jeff Ballman, Montgomery Lonsdale High School, Montgomery, MN
This activity is a lab inquiry-base lesson on the rock cycle. Students will look at the parts of the rock cycle by examining three rocks. Based on their observations and data they collect they should be able to develop a hypothesis and an experiment to test this hypothesis.

Investigations based on the rock cycle.
Jason Morzenti, Minneapolis Urban League Academy, Minneapolis, MN
This activity is a field investagation where students will discover answers to their questions about the rock cycle.

The Rock Cycle: A hands on Simulation
jill selchow
This activity is a hands-on simulation of the rock cycle.

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