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Illinois Caverns Field Trip
Illinois Caverns Field Trip Kathleen Bower, Eastern Illinois University Intended Audience: Middle school through undergraduate students. Location: Waterloo, Illinois Middle School students tend to finish the ...

Investigations based on the rock cycle.
Jason Morzenti, Minneapolis Urban League Academy, Minneapolis, MN
This activity is a field investagation where students will discover answers to their questions about the rock cycle.

Using Data to Teach Earth ProcessesAn Illustrated Community Discussion at the 2003 Annual Meeting of the Geological Society of America
Thomas W. Oesleby
Thomas W. Oesleby Northwest College - Students learn to use a geologic compass to measure rock fractures and formulate a hypothesis to explain the origin of the fractures -

Collecting and Identifying Rocks
Linda Harvey, Marquette Catholic School, Virginia,MN

The Rivers that Connect Us- Stories from the Land
Ashley Riesgraf, Woodbury Middle School, Woodbury, MN
This activity takes students through the historical and geological events that shaped the areas near the Minnesota and Mississippi river confluence.

Investigating Karst topography and its connection to SE Minnesota sinkholes and cave formations.
Anne Feist NRHEG Public School New Richland, MN
This activity is a field investigation where students will be able to observe sinkholes located in the southeastern Minnesota area and a cave system in Forestville State Park which will assist them in defining Karst topography.

Geological forces changing the landscape at Minnehaha Falls
Sue Loontjer Our Savior Lutheran Excelsior, MN
This activity is a field investigation of the geological features of Minnehaha Falls, how they have changed and why, how they are changing and what could be done to preserve the falls.

Investigating SE MN Geology including rock layers, fossils, and Karst geology through Quarry Hill Nature Center
Amy Woxland Triton Middle School West Concord, MN 55985 Based on original activity from Quarry Hill Nature Center in Rochester, MN
This activity is a field investigation where students will increase their knowledge of SE MN geology including rock layers, fossils, and Karst topography. They will also learn how Karst Geology impacts our water quality.

Rock Characteristics Exploration at Minnehaha Falls
Andrea Dugan Nicollet Junior High Burnsville School District, MN based on TIMES XIII
This activity is a field investigation where students observe and develop ideas about rock outcrops and rock characteristics.

Investigating Rocks: Seeing your school's area
Matt Weingartz, Transfiguration School, Oakdale, MN. Based on an original activity from Prentice Hall Textbook, Science Explorer: Earth Science C. 2000
This activity is a lab presentation where students gather data about rocks from their area and hypothesize what the rocks are and where they came from.

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