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Rock cycle in chocolate lab
Pete Stelling, Western Washington University
This lab activity simulates the rock cycle with a piece of chocolate instead of actual rock. Students melt, crystallize, erode, lithify and metamorphose a single small block of chocolate. Along the way students ...

On the Cutting Edge Exemplary Collection This activity is part of the On the Cutting Edge Exemplary Teaching Activities collection.
Learn more about this review process.

Rock & Mineral Bingo
Kate Pound, Saint Cloud State University
This is a rock and mineral 'Bingo' that is based on knowledge and skill (not luck). It was designed as an entertaining and interactive means of developing and improving student rock and mineral ...

The chemistry of sand: Not all beaches are created equal
Alicia Newton
Students use science process skills to make observations about various types of sand and make predictions about chemical reactions.

Rock and mineral laboratory exercises in large auditorium classes
Alfred Pekarek
These exercises provide an opportunity for students in large auditorium classes with "hands on" examination of typical rocks and minerals and their properties.

Investigating the Rock Cycle: Looking at similarities and differences in rocks in the rock cycle.
Jeff Ballman, Montgomery Lonsdale High School, Montgomery, MN
This activity is a lab inquiry-base lesson on the rock cycle. Students will look at the parts of the rock cycle by examining three rocks. Based on their observations and data they collect they should be able to develop a hypothesis and an experiment to test this hypothesis.

The Rock Cycle: A hands on Simulation
jill selchow
This activity is a hands-on simulation of the rock cycle.

Investigating the Rock Cycle Through Writing and Illustrating
Leah Campbell, Central Intermediate School, Stewartville, MN, based on an original activity developed by Alissa Naymark, Rochester Public Schools
This activity is a quantative writing activity where students will use writing and illustrations to show their knowledge of the basic rock cycle.

Exploring Rocks: Rock Identification and The Rock Cycle
Tom Murphy, Nicollet Public Elementary School, Nicollet, MN Based on an introductory activity form the FOSS Kit; Pebbles, Sand, and Silt, p. 4
This activity is a class lab activity in which students will observe unknown rocks and learn about how they fit into the rock cycle.

Using Data to Teach Earth ProcessesAn Illustrated Community Discussion at the 2003 Annual Meeting of the Geological Society of America
Thomas W. Oesleby
Thomas W. Oesleby Northwest College - Students learn to use a geologic compass to measure rock fractures and formulate a hypothesis to explain the origin of the fractures -

Growing & Observing Crystals
Mara Gould
This activity requires students to design an experiment to determine the best conditions for growing crystals. Students then are asked to conclude what the ideal conditions may be, how this information is useful, and who may want to know it. It is a great way to continue using scientific process skills within a Geology unit.

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