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Floods over time: death vs. destruction
Anna Tary, Bentley University
This exercise looks at the dollar losses and deaths caused by flooding in the US, and at the causes of, and relationships between the two trends.

Flooding in the Finger Lakes Region, NY
Tara Curtin, Hobart & William Smith Colleges

Quantitative Classroom Exercises
Steven Schafersman, University of Texas of the Permian Basin, The
The four exercises give students an opportunity to use their knowledge of graphs, algebra, and maps to solve simple geological problems.

Gulf Anoxia Course Project
Sadredin Moosavi, Tulane University of Louisiana
In this activity students work in groups to investigate the problem of Gulf of Mexico hypoxia before developing mitigation strategies based on local contriubtions to the problem. The students present their ideas in a public meeting debate format from which a solution must be selected by the entire class.

Using Melting Ice to Teach Radiometric Dating
Developed by Donald Wise, Franklin and Marshall College. Taken from Wise, 1990 . Related Links Radioactive Decay
Students are challenged to a Sherlock Holmes-style mystery in which they construct their own decay curves of melting ice to determine time-zero.

Density of Earth - Using Some Field Data
Len Vacher, Dept of Geology, University of South Florida
This module addresses the problem of how to determine the density of the earth and has students do some field experiments to get the data they need to answer the problem.

The Floating Lithosphere - Eureka!
Len Vacher, Dept of Geology, University of South Florida
In this module, students examine Archimede's Principle in general and as it applies to Isostacy.

The Earth's Shells - Density vs. Depth
Len Vacher, Dept of Geology, University of South Florida
In this module, students are asked to devise a way of graphically plotting the density variations with depth in the Earth.

Back-of-the-Envelope Calculations: Eruption Rates
Barb Tewksbury, Hamilton College
Question Over the last 70 million years or so, the Hawaiian Hot Spot has been pumping out lava, a total of about 775,000 km3 worth. As the Pacific Plate has moved over the hot spot, the volcanic peaks and plateaus ...

Sun Spot Analysis
Bob Mackay, Clark College; Mike Clark
Introductory students use Excel to graph monthly mean Greenwich sunspot numbers from 1749 to 2004 and perform a spectral analysis of the data using the free software program "Spectra". -

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