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The Waves and Tsunamis Project
Ralph Stephen
How is a tsunami like a wave on a string? We assemble rubber bands, paper clips and washers into strings with various mass distributions to observe the effects on wave characteristics. The project is supplemented ...

Investigation of Newtonian Forces on Plate Tectonics
Margy Schipper, Holy Cross Catholic School, Webster, MN, based on an original activity by Daniel Bugenhagen, Yutan Jr-Sr High, Yutan, NE as printed in Holt, Reinhart, Winston Earth Science, 2005
This model-making activity gives students an opportunity visualize Newtonian forces acting on a single point as well as combined forces acting to produce synclines and anticlines in Earth's crust. Students will analyze models to interpret findings of plate movements.

Heat on the Move
Laura Schofield
To introduce students to the concept that heat transfer via convection is more efficient then heat transfer via conduction.

Physics of Sound: How does length affect pitch?
Medora Gruber Faithful Shepherd Catholic School, Eagan, MN Based on an investigation from FOSS Kit Physics of Sound, copyright 2000
This activity is an investigation where students use tools to determine how the length of a sound source affects its pitch.

Investigating Projectile Motion: Predicting Point of Impact
Andrea Dammann
Students will understand that projectile motion is a result of two independent motions, horizontal and vertical by reading, problem-solving, and experimentation.

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