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Workshop on Changing Student Motivations and Attitudes in the Geosciences
Sep 19 2009 A one day workshop held in fall 2009, Changing Student Motivations and Attitudes in the Geosciences on Saturday, September 19, 2009 at Mesa Community College, Mesa, AZ. The workshop provided opportunities to understand the role of the affective domain in learning and to discuss the application of this understanding to specific examples in the introductory geosciences. We will showcase teaching that takes into account the affective domain, including examples of strategies for addressing student attitudes in both small and large lecture settings and increasing motivation for learning. This workshop os part of the Cutting Edge Follow-On Workshop Program

Workshop on Student Motivations and Attitudes: The Role of the Affective Domain in Geoscience Learning
Feb 11-13 2007 Workshop examining students' attitudes and preconceptions about geoscience courses, how these emotions play a role in everyday learning and the discussion of controversial topics, and how positive attitudes about science can be harnessed to make teaching more effective.

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