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You can use this page to search through past workshops run by SERC-hosted projects. Search for a specific topic or choose from the box on the right to see all the workshops sponsored by a particular project. You may also be interested in our upcoming workshops.


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Teaching the Process of Science
Jul 14-16 2009 Workshop bringing together college faculty and high school teachers from all STEM disciplines and educational researchers studying teaching and learning about the nature and process of science. Participants will share exemplary classroom and laboratory activities, examine existing research on misconceptions, and explore strategies for integrating the nature and process of science into courses. In addition, you will help to develop an online collection of resources and teaching materials related to the integration of process and content in the science classroom at all levels. This workshop is part of the activities of Vision learning and Pedagogy in Action. You can find out more information about it, including an overview and program, here:

ACM/Project Kaleidoscope/FaCE Workshop on Science Education
Dec 5-7 2008 Workshop bringing together ACM and PKAL participants to collaborate on the "Pedagogies of Engagement" Initiative, including topics such as quantitative reasoning, metacognition, and disciplinary groupings.

Pedagogies of Engagement Summit
Sep 19-21 2008 Extended discussion of pioneering pedagogical reforms and the changes now taking place in the STEM learning environment. Participants edited a handbook for undergraduate STEM educators.

ERESE Developers Workshop
Mar 2-5 2008 Workshop in which participants created activities and lesson plans using ERESE materials to teach critical geoscience concepts to college, middle school, and high school students. These activities are now available online.

ComPadre Workshop 2007
Jul 29-30 2007 Workshop helping physics and astronomy educators understand the Pedagogic Service project, then define and create pedagogically sound activities.

Activity Developers Workshop
May 16-17 2007 During this workshop, invited participants developed activities for the CAUSEweb Pedagogic Service portal.

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