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You can use this page to search through past workshops run by SERC-hosted projects. Search for a specific topic or choose from the box on the right to see all the workshops sponsored by a particular project. You may also be interested in our upcoming workshops.


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Teaching Climate Complexity
May 7-16 2012 In this visualization, a model created by NASA, the color variations denote the speed of ocean currents. The lighter green areas are moving faster than the blue areas. Ocean currents are typically driven by ...

Communicating Climate Science in the Classroom
Apr 2-11 2012 As an example of the importance of communications about climate science, NOAA responds to millions of annual requests for climate data vital to planning and operations. In vulnerable areas, infrastructure can be ...

Navigating Climate Complexities in the Classroom
Jun 7-15 2011 An online workshop for undergraduate faculty June 7 - 8 and 14 - 15, 2011 This workshop has already taken place. See the workshop program page for presentations, screencast files and relevant links. Earth's ...

Teaching Energy Awareness: Understanding Sources and Uses
Apr 11-19 2011 An online workshop for undergraduate faculty April 11 - 12 and 18 - 19, 2011 This workshop has taken place. You can find workshop presentation files, screencasts and other outcomes on the workshop program page. ...

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