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Plate Tectonics and Tectonic Hazards
John Creasy, Bates College
This is a topical course covering plate tectonics and associated hazards such as eartquakes, volcanic activity, and secondary hazards such as tsunami, landslides, etc. A companion topical course covers surficial ...

Natural Hazards & Environment (ISP-203 B - 002)
Brian Hampton, Michigan State University;
This is a geology majors/non-majors course that addresses the science and public policy issues related to tectonic and atmospheric hazards.

Environmental Risks and Hazards
Jennifer Haney, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania
This course explores the human and environmental contributions to the generation and management of risks and hazards originating from extreme natural events and technological failures. Contemporary public policy ...

Geologic Hazards Geos 355
Jochen Nuester, CSU Chico
This course melds the scientific basis of natural phenomena that become deadly hazards with the geopolitical climate that shapes culture. Explores the imbalance of energy on the Earth vs. human fallacy in ...

Natural Hazards and Risk Communication
Kathleen Phillips, Stanford University
This course will provide an introduction to the science behind natural hazards, the risks associated with these hazards, and effective methods of communicating those risks to a variety of audiences. Recent research ...

Coastal Processes, Hazards, and Society
diane maygarden, University of New Orleans
his online course will provide students with a global perspective of coastal landscapes, the processes responsible for their formation, diversity, and change over time, as well as societal responses to current ...

GEO 111/GEO 112 Geologic Hazards and Natural Disasters Lecture and Laboratory
Alan Benimoff, CUNY College of Staten Island
GEO 111 Lecture Class: An introduction to geologic hazards, their causes and the natural disasters that result. Processes at the surface of the Earth and in the atmosphere and hydrosphere. Geologic hazards that ...

Natural Disasters
Paul Price, University of Wisconsin Washington County
A study of various environmental hazards, their causes, impacts on humans, and mitigation.

Environmental Volcanology
Attila Kilinc, University of Cincinnati-Main Campus; , University of Cincinnati-Main Campus
After a brief introduction to volcanology students learn the relationships between plate boundaries and plate intriors and volcanism. Next seven major volcanic hazards and what can be done to mitigate them is ...

Natural Disasters
Anna Tary, Bentley University
This course introduces the concept of natural physical processes as disasters in which members of a society are harmed. Examines the origins, prediction/forecasting, effects, and mitigation efforts of some commonly ...

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