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Physical Geology for Non-Majors (actual title is "Our Geologic Environment")
Ben Laabs, SUNY College at Geneseo
This course is intended for non-science majors who have an interest in their physical environment. The course is designed to develop an understanding of the interaction of Earth processes, the environment, and the ...

Introduction to Physical Geology (unofficially called Geology for Engineers)
Leslie Gertsch, Missouri University of Science and Technology
This intro geology course for engineers attempts to engage the often-unwilling students who take few if any additional geology classes, yet require an understanding of the geologic processes and materials with ...

Honors Physical Geology
Jeffrey Nunn, Louisiana State University
Introduction to Physical Geology using Grotzinger et al. This is an honors section of the course so it is taught at a higher level and more work is required. This class is also certified as communication intensive ...

General Geology
Pete Stelling, Western Washington University
General Geology is a survey of the many facets of geology and Earth Science, from the formation of the Universe and Solar System to rocks and minerals to geologic processes and hazards. The course design is based ...

GEOL 307--Paleobiology I
Ronald Martin, University of Delaware
From the course catalogue: Recognition, biology and paleobiology of major groups of invertebrates. Use of the fossil record in solving environmental and paleoenvironmental problems. Principles of stratigraphy and ...

Geologic Field Excursion
Suki Smaglik, Central Wyoming College
Field excursions will be taken to study the geology of specific areas such as the Black Hills, Central Colorado, Death Valley, Colorado Plateau, Hawaii, Central America, or others. Topics will include rock types, ...

Metamorphic Petrology
Dave Mogk, Montana State University-Bozeman
Metamorphic petrology covers the chemical and physical work done in natural systems in response to changing physical conditions. Petrogenetic processes such as recrystallization, continuous and discontinuous ...

Physical Geology (GEOL 121)
Joel Moore, Towson University
This introductory physical geology course meets the core curriculum (gen ed) requirement for a laboratory science. The lecture portion of the course meets for 3 hours weekly and the laboratory portion meets for 3 ...

Processes and Concepts of Geology
This is an example of a physical-historical geology course, an excellent vehicle for teaching plate tectonics. From the syllabus: This course begins with an introduction to basic Earth materials and analyses of ...

Physical Geology
Scott Pike, Willamette University
Scott Pike Lynchburg College a Private four-year institution, primarily undergraduate . Course URL: Subject: Geoscience:GeologyResource Type: Course Information:Goals/SyllabiGrade Level: ...

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