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The Evolution of PearsonĂ¢s Correlation Coefficient/Exploring Relationships between Two Quantitative Variables
Gary Kader, Appalachlian State University
The evolution of ideas is often ignored in the teaching of statistics. It is important to show students how definitions and formulas evolve. This activity describes a fairly straightforward activity of how measures of association can evolve.

Making Sustainable Business Decisions In Four Different Industries and Their Effect on People (Social), Planet (Environment), and Profit (Economics)
Walt White
The student will gain a better understanding of "Global Warming" and the "Triple Bottom Line" by viewing the first two videos. Further the CEO2 game will introduce many new ideas/options that specific industries have to select from in achieving their desired corporate/company goals.

Investigating Natural Selection: Observing Stabilizing and Directional Selection through Graphical Analysis of Population Samples.
John Haug
This lab activity demonstrates the difference between stabilizing and directional natural selection using two separate populations of sunflower seeds.

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