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Walking on Water--How Do Water Striders Do It?
Kim Toops
This activity provides students with a first look at water tension and its role in the life of a water strider.

How to use the HR diagram
David Kobilka, Central Lakes College-Brainerd
Astronomy students learn how to use the Hertsprung-Russel diagram by plotting stellar data. HR diagram then reveals evolutionary stage of stars.

Fluid Viscosity
Lindy Elkins-Tanton, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Laboratory activity to introduce students to measuring fluid viscosity. Key words: Viscosity, fluid, Stokes, rheology, graduated cylinder.

Learning the science behind electricity.
Andrea Dammann
This is an interactive powerpoint lecture on the science of electricity followed by a laboratory investigation where students dissect a disposable camera.

Identifying the force (push/pull) used to put sports equipment into motion
Deb Ose Northside Elementary Benson, MN Based on Lakeshore Learning Science Activity Tub Force & Motion - Language card Sport spotlight
This activity is designed for a primary classroom (large area) investigation where students investigate sports equipment and decide what force; push or pull (twist) is used to put the object in motion. Students develop a method of recording the data colleted and can present the information gathered.

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