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Earth System History
Roy Plotnick, University of Illinois at Chicago
Upper level (advanced undergraduates, graduate students) course on the history of the Earth system. Includes methods in stratigraphy, paleogeography, and geochronology. Lectures and seminar discussions of the ...

Introduction to Environmental Sciences
Chris Kim, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Environmental science is an applied interdisciplinary science focused on understanding environmental problems and proposing viable solutions. The course is designed to develop skills to analyze causes of ...

Wright State University - Earth Systems
Bill Slattery, Wright State University-Main Campus
Earth Systems is a web-enhanced course designed expressly for undergraduates seeking Middle Childhood Licensure with a science concentration. The course is problem based, using Deforestation, Volcanoes, and Global ...

University of West Georgia - Life and Earth Science
Rebecca Dodge, Midwestern State University
This course employs an integrative, interdisciplinary approach to the study of life and earth science. It introduces basic concepts and key ideas while providing opportunities for students to learn reasoning skills ...

Western Washington University: Matter & Energy in Earth Systems
Sue DeBari, Western Washington University
Matter & Energy in Earth Systems is the earth science component of a series of courses designed to teach K-8 pre-service teachers fundamental content while modeling inquiry-based learning through an in depth ...

University of Nebraska, Lincoln: Earth Natural Resource Systems
Earth Natural Resource Systems is a stand-alone lab science general education course serving a wide student population including pre-service teachers. It is designed as an earth science content course which models ...

Grand Valley State University: Earth Science in Elementary Education
Steve Mattox, Grand Valley State University
Earth Science in Elementary Education is the geologic content course in the integrated science teacher development sequence. The six hour combined lecture/lab course requires students to work in teams to solve ...

Grand Valley State University: Earth Science in Secondary Education
Steve Mattox, Grand Valley State University
Earth Science in Secondary Education is designed to prepare students to teach Earth Science at the secondary level. The three-hour combined lecture/lab course requires students to review major content areas in ...

University of Delaware, Newark: Science Semester
Science Semester is an interdisciplinary course offered to Elementary Education Majors. Students concurrently enroll in 4 different topics courses: Principles of Biology (BISC 104), Elementary Curriculum-Science ...

University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire: Introductory Earth Science
Karen G. Havholm, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
Earth Science (GEOL 106) is an introductory science course offered by the Geology department at UW-Eau Claire, with enrollment limited to Elementary Education majors. Earth Science is a field and lab based course ...

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