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Downloading, Preparing & Analyzing a Landsat Thematic Mapper Image
Ann Deakin, SUNY College at Fredonia
Ann K. Deakin, SUNY Fredonia Summary As one of the last lab assignments, students download and process an image of their choice from the USGS EROS Data Center. They apply what they've learned to date in the ...

Kohler Curves
Swarndeep Gill, California University of Pennsylvania
An assignment teaching students about Kohler curves that enhances their quantitative skills.

Problems for Calculus and Precalculus
Deb Hughes Hallett
Problems on Energy and Climate for Students in Calculus I and II

Natural Gas and the Marcellus Shale
Sid Halsor, Wilkes Community College
This homework problem introduces students to the Marcellus shale natural gas play and how an unconventional reservoir rock can become an attractive hydrocarbon target.

Topographic analysis of the Sangre de Cristo Range GIS Project
Eric Leonard, Colorado College
Eric Leonard, Colorado College - Geology Department Summary Students make DEM-based observations and develop and test hypotheses regarding topographic differences between the two sides of the Colorado Sangre de ...

Florida River Project: Semester-long group project
Kim Hannula, Fort Lewis College
This is a semester-long group research project that uses a local river to integrate several lab and field activities. The project covers topographic maps, rock and mineral identification, measuring data in the ...

Soil Properties and Geomorphology
Mark Sweeney, University of South Dakota
Compare soil data to different ages of fluvial terraces. Students enter data into Excel and interpret it themselves.

Unit 4: Using SoilWebTMto Investigate the Soil Beneath You
Hannah Scherer, Virginia Tech; Martha Murphy, Santa Rosa Junior College; Sarah Fortner, Wittenberg University
Students will use SoilWebâ„¢, a smartphone and web application that pulls detailed soil survey data from both the 1:24,0000 Soil Survey Geographic database (SSURGO) and the 1:250,000 scale State Soil Geographic ...

Remote Sensing of Water
Jerry Griffith, University of Southern Mississippi
Teaching activity developed by John R. Jensen, University of South Carolina. Activity page submitted by Jerry Griffith, University of Southern Mississippi. Summary This lab exercise uses GOES and Landsat imagery ...

Unit 3: Natural and Agricultural Erosion Rates
Sarah Fortner, Wittenberg University; Martha Murphy, Santa Rosa Junior College; Hannah Scherer, Virginia Tech
Students will identify their perceptions of erosion by examining images of mountain and agricultural landscapes and discussing which environment is more erosive. They will use geospatial figures to compare erosion ...

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