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Hurricane Tracking
Lisa Doner, Plymouth State University
This is a homework assignment that focuses student attention on ongoing hurricane/tropical storm development, often during the height of hurricane season. The students are directed to a web site (I like ...

Exercise on Atmospheric Structure, Stratospheric Ozone, and Acid Rain
Carolyn Dowling, Arkansas State University-Main Campus
This activity helps students to understand the basic ozone structure as well as ozone and acid rain problems.

Temperature data and Climatology
Kristine DeLong, Louisiana State University
Students learn what climate data is available for their area and how to access and use that data. Students will learn how to read and interpret climatological graphs.

Global Atmospheric Circulation and the Indian Monsoon
David Kobilka, Central Lakes College-Brainerd
In this project students learn through lecture, video, and sketching about the Coriolis effect, the "Six-Cell Generalized Global Atmospheric Circulation Model", the shifting ITCZ, the Indian Monsoon, and ...

El Niño and Ocean-Atmosphere Interactions in the Tropical Pacific
Tim Cook, Worcester State University
This activity investigates the oceanographic and climatic characteristics of El Niño/La Niña (ENSO) events using observational data from moored ocean buoys in the tropical Pacific Ocean. Data are obtained from ...

Using Autocorrelation and Cross-correlation to Explore Links Between River Discharge and Regional Climate
Peter Adams, University of Florida
Students conduct autocorrelation and cross-correlation analyses on river discharge and climate indices to test the hypothesis that coastal streams draining mountainous terrain are strong indicators of climatic ...

Net Radiation and Temperature
Allison Dunn, Worcester State University
This assignment helps students think about how net radiation affects surface temperature.

Conservation Biology GIS lab exploration
Rose McKenney, Pacific Lutheran University
Rose McKenney, Pacific Lutheran University Summary Introductory exploration of GIS as a conservation biology tool Context Type and level of course This activity was designed as a one time use of GIS to support ...

Topoff Mining Company Assignment
Enrique Gomezdelcampo, Bowling Green State University
Enrique Gomezdelcampo, Bowling Green State University Summary Laboratory exercise to demonstrate the use of TINs in GIS using an example from surface coal mining. Context Type and level of course This is one of ...

Increase in volcanism at the beginning of the Holocene on Reykjanes, Iceland: case example
Barb Tewksbury, Hamilton College
Students make simple stress calculations to determine whether deglaciation at the end of the Pleistocene may have been responsible for a short but dramatic increase in rates of volcanism on Reykjanes in Iceland as ...