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Spatial Analysis
George Mountrakis, SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry
The purpose of this course is to teach students various statistical methods as they apply to analysis of geographic phenomena.

LSC 315 Land-Use Planning
Kevin Svitana, Otterbein College
An introduction to GIS applications and software use.

Environmental Applications: Geographic Information Systems
Gary Coutu, West Chester University of Pennsylvania
This course reviews the principles of cartography and geographic information systems (GIS)in the context of modeling. It is also a study of how GIS software is used to enhance the environmental analysis and ...

Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
Carsten Braun, Westfield State University
This is course is an introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) using ArcGIS as the primary software platform.

GEOG 104: Geographic Information Science and Spatial Reasoning
Justin Shepard, San Diego State University
This course will introduce fundamental concepts of geographic information science (GIScience), including geographic information systems (GIS), global positioning systems (GPS), cartography, remote sensing, and ...

Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
Wei Luo, Northern Illinois University
This course offers an introduction to the concepts, principles, and theories behind Geographic Information Systems and Science (GIS), with emphasis on the nature of geographic information, data models and ...

Geographic Information Systems
Catherine Riihimaki, Princeton University
Geographic Information Systems describes a computer-based system that aids in the collection, analysis, storage, and distribution of spatial data. Today GIS is used for a wide variety of place-based data sets that ...

Geospatial Methods
Abuduwasiti Wulamu, Saint Louis University-Main Campus
The class introduces concepts, theories, and techniques in geospatial methods, and principles of spatial analysis, and data mining with integration of GIS, remote sensing and GPS. Varies applications of the ...

Surface Processes and Geomorphology
Eric Leonard, Colorado College
This is a process-oriented geomorphology course with substantial "interactive lecture", lab, field, and GIS components. In addition to an emphasis on geomorphic processes and methods particular to their ...

World Energy Systems
Anne Hall, Emory University
This is an idea for an interdisciplinary course examining energy systems, sustainability via multiple learning methods, including lecture, discussions, computer-based geospatial analysis, case studies, and field ...

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