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An introduction to GIS in Geosciences
Alia Wade, University of Montana-Missoula, The
Applied geosciences using GIS

Introduction to GIS for Geologists
Eric Grosfils, Pomona College
This course is intended as an introduction to basic GIS skills. Targeted at an audience of geology students, it draws upon geological examples when teaching GIS techniques.

GIS for Environmental Studies
Kelly Debure, Eckerd College
The study of the environment is inherently spatial and global in nature. One way to view and analyze data in a geographic context is through using a geographic information system (GIS). GIS is typically a ...

Introduction to Computer Mapping and GIS
Scott White, Fort Lewis College
An introduction to the study and design of maps, primarily through the application of a specialized computer mapping software program known as GIS.

GIS and Remote Sensing in the Geosciences
John Wilson, Lafayette College
A broad introduction to the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) within the geosciences. The relationships between geography, geology, and society will be pursued. Students will be exposed to both pertinent ...

GIS for Geoscientists I
Chris Harding, Iowa State University
GIS for Geoscientists I is an introduction to GIS operations and analyses of vector data in a geoscience context and will prepare students for more advanced GIS courses (such as its follow-up course, GIS for ...

Introduction to GIS: Focus on Earth
Jonathon Little, Monroe Community College
Please see uploaded syllabus.

GIS 120 Introduction to Remote Sensing
Michelle Kinzel, Oregon State University
GISG 120 introduces students to the basics of remote sensing applications, characteristics of remote sensors, electromagnetic radiation and its interactions with remote sensing media, visual interpretation of ...

ES/GE 217 Mapping and GIS
Dykstra Eusden, Bates College
This course focuses on learning the principles of GIS through extensive computer use of ArcGIS via examples from geology and environmental science. Lectures will supplement the laboratory component of the course. ...

GIS and GPS Applications in Earth Sciences
Mark Helper, University of Texas at Austin, The
Theory and practice of geographic information system (GIS) and Global Positioning System (GPS) technologies and their applications to problems in earth sciences. Laboratories and field trips provide hands-on ...

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