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Soil analysis for the community garden
Kevin Svitana, Otterbein College
Kevin Svitana, Otterbein University, Westerville, OH Summary Otterbein is in the process of developing a community garden on its newly opened Equestrian Science facility. This facility was a former industrial ...

Projections and Vector Analysis: Biotic and abiotic properties along the Clark Fork and Blackfoot
Alia Wade, University of Montana-Missoula, The
Alisa Wade, University of Montana Summary Lab to introduce projections and vector analysis via studying local abiotic and biotic characteristics. Context Type and level of course GIS in geosciences; upper-division ...

Google My Maps: Simple Quantitative Analysis
Carsten Braun, Westfield State University
Carsten Braun, Westfield State College Summary This activity shows how to use Google My Maps for simple quantitative analysis, for example to find the latitude and longitude of a location or the length and area of ...

Campus Map with Group GPS Mapping Component
Kelly Debure, Eckerd College
Kelly Debure, Eckerd College Summary Students use GPS units and record the location of some feature of interest on the campus. A shapefile is created from data recorded in an Excel file. This data is incorporated ...

Creating Personalized Maps with Google My Maps
Carsten Braun, Westfield State University
Carsten Braun, Westfield State College Summary This activity focuses on one of the many free web mapping applications available: Google My Maps. Here you will learn how to create your own personal map in Google My ...

Site Selection: Analysis and Modeling Scenerios
Gary Coutu, West Chester University of Pennsylvania
Gary Coutu, West Chester University/Department of Geography and Planning Summary Three assignments explore the basics of GIS analysis, using a site selection activity. These assignments introduce the use of ...

Volcanoes around the Globe (Beta test copy)
Mark Abolins, Middle Tennessee State University
Undergraduate non-majors use the Arcview geographic information system (GIS) to explore volcanic hazards and the geochemistry of volcanic rocks. Students explore geochemical data from the GEOROC global database and ...

Community Involvement Project
John Wilson, Lafayette College
John Wilson, Lafayette College Summary This project is designed to give students the opportunity to create a GIS project to apply skills they acquired throughout the semester to solve a real world problem. Each ...

Names in the Field: A Simple GPS Field Exercise
Brian Welch
Simple field exercise to introduce the concepts of GPS position data acquisition. Students "write" words in a field and upload the data to map it in GIS or spreadsheet software. -

Mapping Hurricanes - Working with Digital Vector and Raster Data Sets
Scott White, Fort Lewis College
Scott White, Fort Lewis College Summary This lab exercise shows students how to create a map of the track and winds of a hurricane. Hurricane Jimena from 2009 is examined using both vector and raster data. Context ...

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