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Introduction to GIS Using ArcExplorer and Brooklyn Data Sets
Rebecca Boger, CUNY Brooklyn College
The lessons introduce students to ArcExplorer GIS using publicly available online GIS data sets of Brooklyn, and water quality data of Prospect Park with locations taken by GPS receivers. In this way, students ...

Introduction to GIS through river meandering and landslide mapping
Karen Gran, University of Minnesota-Duluth
The primary goal of this lab is to develop basic ArcGIS skills for geomorphology students and give them a taste of what is possible in GIS. The lab is written for the GIS novice, and thus includes detailed ...

On the Cutting Edge Exemplary Collection This activity is part of the On the Cutting Edge Exemplary Teaching Activities collection.
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Looking into Earth with GIS (College Level)
Brian Welch
College-level adaptation of the Earth Exploration Toolbook chapter. Students work with a free GIS program, ArcVoyager SE, to explore earthquake data and plate tectonics. -

Introduction to GIS
Tim Walsh, Wayland Baptist University
Tim Walsh, Wayland Baptist University Summary After meeting in a large conference room for introductory comments student then move to another classroom. Students are directed to map, catalog and give spatial ...

Using a GIS to Assess Stream-Channel Migration
Douglas Clark, Western Washington University
Douglas Clark, Geology Dept., Western Washington University Summary This lab uses a guided GIS worksheet to help new Geomorph students to investigate a basic problem about rivers: how do channels migrate. Context ...

Independent GIS Synthesis Project
Brian Hynek, University of Colorado at Boulder
Brian Hynek, University of Colorado Summary A capstone project consisting of independent research and communication of scientific results. Context Type and level of course capstone project for an entry-level GIS ...

Introduction to Basic GIS Skills
Chad Heinzel, Minot State University
Chad Heinzel, University of Northern Iowa Summary Develops basic GIS skills, directs students to other shapefiles (on-campus and off), sets the stage for adding additional class/campus data later in the semester. ...

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Water Resources
Constantin Cranganu, CUNY Brooklyn College
This activity will demonstrate how water quality and environmental health issues can be analyzed together, how hydrologic information can be built up, and how decisions can be made using GIS.

Using Google Earth & GIS to Create a Customized Map
Omowumi Alabi, University of Missouri-Kansas City
Students are introduced to cartographic concepts and learn how to use GIS to make a proper map with scale information, location (longitude and latitude), orientation and appropriate title.

Using GIS to Construct Water Table Maps and Flow Nets
Bob Newton, Smith College
Seepage lake elevation data from the Sand Hills of Nebraska is used to construct a water table map and flow net using ESRI's ArcMap software. Students learn how to use GIS software to analyze patterns of ...

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