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Ground Water and Surface Water, A Single Resource part of Web Resource Collection

This USGS report presents an overview of the interactions between ground water and surface water in a variety of terrains. It serves as a general educational document with the intention of helping ...
NSES: 9-12:Standard F: Personal and Social Perspectives:Natural resources
Subject: Hydrology, Geological Sciences:Geochemistry, Geographical Sciences:Physical geography, Chemistry, Environmental science
Resource Type: Text:Reference, Visual:Scientific illustration, Text:Report

The Carbon Cycle part of Web Resource Collection

This Earth Observatory site contains detailed information on the carbon cycle of the Earth. It provides an explanation of the role of carbon in the geologic carbon cycle followed by a discussion of ...
NSES: 9-12:Unifying Concepts and Processes:Evidence, models, and explanation
Subject: Chemistry, Climatology, Atmospheric science, Geological Sciences:Geochemistry
Resource Type: Text:Reference

Ultra-High-Pressure Experimentalist Who Studies the Deep Earth part of Web Resource Collection

This article profiles the work of Elise Knittle, whose research specialty is mineral physics. The essay gives an overview of the core, mantle, and crust of the Earth, including what we know about ...
NSES: 9-12:Standard B: Physical Science:Chemical reactions
Subject: Geological Sciences:Geophysics, Physics, Chemistry, Geological Sciences:Geology
Resource Type: Text:Reference

BASINS: Better Assessment Science Integrating Point and Nonpoint Sources part of Web Resource Collection

BASINS is a multipurpose environmental analysis system for use by regional, state, and local agencies in performing watershed and water quality based studies. This new software makes it possible to ...
NCGE Standards: Places and Regions:Characteristics of places
Subject: Ecology, Hydrology, Chemistry, Environmental science, Geological Sciences:Geochemistry, Agricultural science, Soil Science
Resource Type: Data:In situ dataset

Severe Weather: Hurricanes part of Web Resource Collection

Severe Weather: Hurricanes is part of an on-line series of modules entitled Exploring the Environment. Emphasizing an integrated approach to environmental Earth Science education through ...
NSES: 9-12:Unifying Concepts and Processes:Evidence, models, and explanation
Subject: Physics, Oceanographical Sciences:Physical oceanography, Atmospheric science, Chemistry, Hydrology, Natural hazards
Resource Type: Learning Materials:Case study, Text:Reference

Everest - The Death Zone: The O2 Factor part of Web Resource Collection

This classroom activity has students determine the concentration of oxygen in air at their location. Oxygen is removed from a trapped volume of air by the oxidation of steel wool and by measuring the ...
NSES: 5-8:Unifying Concepts and Processes:Change, constancy, and measurement
Subject: Chemistry, Atmospheric science
Resource Type: Learning Materials:Classroom Activity

Virginia State Standards of Learning: Science, Math and Technology Practice Tests part of Web Resource Collection

The questions on this site come from the 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2003 Virginia State Standards of Learning tests. Although explanations have not yet been written for every question, they are currently ...
NSES: 5-8:Standard E: Science and Technology:Abilities of technological design
Subject: Chemistry, Environmental science, Mathematics, Biology
Resource Type: Learning Materials:Problem set

The Sourcebook for Teaching Science: Games for the Science Curriculum part of Web Resource Collection

This site provides links to science games and accompanying support material. The games include Science Jeopardy, Science Taboo, Science Bingo, Science Pictionary, Science Baseball, What in the World, ...
NSES: 5-8:Unifying Concepts and Processes:Systems, order, and organization
Subject: Environmental science, Biology, Chemistry
Resource Type: Service:Clearinghouse

How Caves Form part of Web Resource Collection

This resource uses text and animation to depict the various processes that produce caves. For example, microbes feeding on the deadly gas hydrogen sulfide long ago excreted sulfuric acid that helped ...
NSES: K-4:Unifying Concepts and Processes:Evidence, models, and explanation
Subject: Chemistry, Geographical Sciences:Physical geography, Geological Sciences:Geochemistry, Geology, Oceanographical Sciences:Physical oceanography
Resource Type: Learning Materials:Tutorial

Mars part of Web Resource Collection

This section of the Windows to the Universe web site provides information and images about Mars including detailed information about this planet, space science, Martian atmosphere, Martian weather, ...
NSES: K-4:Standard B: Physical Science:Light, heat, electricity, and magnetism
Subject: Chemistry, Space science, Physics
Resource Type: Text:Reference

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