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Ground Water and Surface Water, A Single Resource part of Web Resource Collection

This USGS report presents an overview of the interactions between ground water and surface water in a variety of terrains. It serves as a general educational document with the intention of helping ...
NSES: 9-12:Standard F: Personal and Social Perspectives:Natural resources
Subject: Hydrology, Geological Sciences:Geochemistry, Geographical Sciences:Physical geography, Chemistry, Environmental science
Resource Type: Text:Reference, Visual:Scientific illustration, Text:Report

San Antonio Water System Flash Animations part of Web Resource Collection

This site features a series of Flash-based animations on several aspects of the San Antonio Water System. Although regional in focus, the topics are broadly applicable. They include: the hydrologic ...
NSES: 5-8:Unifying Concepts and Processes:Systems, order, and organization
Subject: Hydrology, Environmental science
Resource Type: Visual:Scientific illustration

Exploring the Environment: Water Quality part of Web Resource Collection

This site presents two case studies regarding the Wheeling Creek area of West Virginia. The scenario asks students to research problems and come up with answers to a ficticious local water board's ...
NSES: 5-8:Unifying Concepts and Processes:Systems, order, and organization
Subject: Environmental science, Ecology, Hydrology
Resource Type: Learning Materials:Case study

BASINS: Better Assessment Science Integrating Point and Nonpoint Sources part of Web Resource Collection

BASINS is a multipurpose environmental analysis system for use by regional, state, and local agencies in performing watershed and water quality based studies. This new software makes it possible to ...
NCGE Standards: Places and Regions:Characteristics of places
Subject: Ecology, Hydrology, Chemistry, Environmental science, Geological Sciences:Geochemistry, Agricultural science, Soil Science
Resource Type: Data:In situ dataset

Dynamics of the Earth part of Web Resource Collection

This site consists of a series of modules for introductory geology. The site features useful, interactive animations for a large range of geology topics. There are lecture slide shows, quizzes, and ...
NSES: 9-12:Standard D: Earth and Space Science:Energy in the earth system
Subject: Oceanographical Sciences:Physical oceanography, Soil Science, Geological Sciences:Geologic time, Geology, Geographical Sciences:Physical geography, Geological Sciences:Mineralogy or petrology, Structural geology, Oceanographical Sciences:Chemical oceanography, Natural hazards, Hydrology
Resource Type: Learning Materials:Course, Computer Activity

Ground Water part of Web Resource Collection

This United States Geological Survey (USGS) general interest publication presents a description of ground water in the U.S. This includes what ground water is, how it occurs, aquifers and wells, ...
NSES: 5-8:Standard D: Earth and Space Science:Structure of the earth system
Subject: Hydrology
Resource Type: Text:Glossary, Reference

Black Canyon Outreach Education part of Web Resource Collection

This portal features links to K-12 outreach education units on the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park and Curecanti National Recreation Area. They focus on topics such as trees, habitats, ...
NSES: K-4:Standard A: Science as Inquiry:Abilities necessary to do scientific inquiry
Subject: Hydrology, Forestry, Geological Sciences:Geology, Paleontology, Atmospheric science, Biology
Resource Type: Learning Materials:Classroom Activity

The Water Cycle part of Web Resource Collection

This demonstration introduces the concept of water phases and cycling to younger students through observation, drawing, and writing. They will be able to explain how the Earth's water supply is ...
NSES: K-4:Unifying Concepts and Processes:Evidence, models, and explanation
Subject: Atmospheric science, Hydrology
Resource Type: Learning Materials:Presentation or demonstration

Kid's Corner of the Groundwater Foundation part of Web Resource Collection

This site is a special section of the Groundwater Foundation, dedicated to youth awareness and involvement with groundwater protection. There are tutorials, games, experiments, clubs, festivals, and ...
NSES: K-4:Standard D: Earth and Space Science:Properties of earth materials
Subject: Hydrology, Policy issues, Environmental science
Resource Type: Learning Materials:Classroom Activity, Project

Groundwater - Nature's Hidden Treasure part of Web Resource Collection

This Environment Canada fact sheet highlights information about groundwater. The sheet starts with the definition of groundwater and aquifers, then discusses the hydrologic cycle, groundwater ...
NSES: 5-8:Standard D: Earth and Space Science:Structure of the earth system
Subject: Environmental science, Hydrology, Ecology
Resource Type: Text:Reference, Index or bibliography

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