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New Millennium Observatory (NeMO) Education part of Web Resource Collection

This site is a digital curriculum developed by the New Millennium Observatory, a seafloor observatory at the Axial Volcano along the Juan de Fuca ridge in the Pacific Ocean. The curriculum, titled ...
NSES: 5-8:Unifying Concepts and Processes:Systems, order, and organization
Subject: Oceanographical Sciences:Chemical oceanography, Physical oceanography, Biological oceanography, Geological Sciences:Geology
Resource Type: Data:In situ dataset

Ground Water and Surface Water, A Single Resource part of Web Resource Collection

This USGS report presents an overview of the interactions between ground water and surface water in a variety of terrains. It serves as a general educational document with the intention of helping ...
NSES: 9-12:Standard F: Personal and Social Perspectives:Natural resources
Subject: Hydrology, Geological Sciences:Geochemistry, Geographical Sciences:Physical geography, Chemistry, Environmental science
Resource Type: Text:Reference, Visual:Scientific illustration, Text:Report

Climate TimeLine Information Tool part of Web Resource Collection

The Climate TimeLine (CTL) Information Tool summarizes climate history for time spans from 1 year to 100,000 years ago and beyond. The relation between human development, weather, and climate is ...
NSES: 9-12:Standard D: Earth and Space Science:Energy in the earth system
Subject: Geographical Sciences:Human geography, Geological Sciences:Paleontology, Atmospheric science, Climatology
Resource Type: Learning Materials:Tutorial

The Dinosaurs Were Not Alone (title provided or enhanced by cataloger) part of Web Resource Collection

This information about other types of living things that coexisted with the dinosaurs describes the major types of plants and animals that lived during the Mesozoic Era, what they did and how they ...
NSES: K-4:Unifying Concepts and Processes:Evidence, models, and explanation
Subject: Geological Sciences:Paleontology
Resource Type: Text:Reference

The Carbon Cycle part of Web Resource Collection

This Earth Observatory site contains detailed information on the carbon cycle of the Earth. It provides an explanation of the role of carbon in the geologic carbon cycle followed by a discussion of ...
NSES: 9-12:Unifying Concepts and Processes:Evidence, models, and explanation
Subject: Chemistry, Climatology, Atmospheric science, Geological Sciences:Geochemistry
Resource Type: Text:Reference

National Earthquake Information Center part of Web Resource Collection

This is a very extensive site about earthquakes. The USGS NEIC site provides access to near real time earthquake data from around the world, as well as data for recent earthquakes (last 3 weeks). The ...
NSES: 9-12:Unifying Concepts and Processes:Evidence, models, and explanation
Subject: Natural hazards, Geological Sciences:Geophysics, Physics
Resource Type: Data:In situ dataset

Ultra-High-Pressure Experimentalist Who Studies the Deep Earth part of Web Resource Collection

This article profiles the work of Elise Knittle, whose research specialty is mineral physics. The essay gives an overview of the core, mantle, and crust of the Earth, including what we know about ...
NSES: 9-12:Standard B: Physical Science:Chemical reactions
Subject: Geological Sciences:Geophysics, Physics, Chemistry, Geological Sciences:Geology
Resource Type: Text:Reference

American Field Guide: Relative Dating - Telling Time Using Fossils part of Web Resource Collection

This website integrates video footage and information with lesson plans and activities to teach students about the concept of relative dating. Students will graph a range chart for ammonites, ...
NSES: 5-8:Standard C: Life Science:Diversity and adaptations of organisms
Subject: Geological Sciences:Geologic time, Geological Sciences:Paleontology
Resource Type: Learning Materials:Module or unit

SCEC Education Module: Investigating Earthquakes through Regional Seismicity part of Web Resource Collection

This educational module has been designed to provide students with the opportunity to interactively investigate the nature of earthquakes. The module has been divided into three major sections, "What ...
NSES: 9-12Unifying Concepts and ProcessesChange, constancy, and measurement
Subject: Physics, Natural hazards, Geological Sciences:Geology, Geophysics, Structural geology
Resource Type: Learning Materials:Classroom Activity

BASINS: Better Assessment Science Integrating Point and Nonpoint Sources part of Web Resource Collection

BASINS is a multipurpose environmental analysis system for use by regional, state, and local agencies in performing watershed and water quality based studies. This new software makes it possible to ...
NCGE Standards: Places and Regions:Characteristics of places
Subject: Ecology, Hydrology, Chemistry, Environmental science, Geological Sciences:Geochemistry, Agricultural science, Soil Science
Resource Type: Data:In situ dataset

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