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Ground Water and Surface Water, A Single Resource part of Web Resource Collection

This USGS report presents an overview of the interactions between ground water and surface water in a variety of terrains. It serves as a general educational document with the intention of helping ...
NSES: 9-12:Standard F: Personal and Social Perspectives:Natural resources
Subject: Geological Sciences:Geochemistry, Geographical Sciences:Physical geography, Hydrology, Environmental science, Chemistry
Resource Type: Text:Reference, Visual:Scientific illustration, Text:Report

Climate TimeLine Information Tool part of Web Resource Collection

The Climate TimeLine (CTL) Information Tool summarizes climate history for time spans from 1 year to 100,000 years ago and beyond. The relation between human development, weather, and climate is ...
NSES: 9-12:Standard D: Earth and Space Science:Energy in the earth system
Subject: Geographical Sciences:Human geography, Geological Sciences:Paleontology, Atmospheric science, Climatology
Resource Type: Learning Materials:Tutorial

TerraViva! World Resources part of Web Resource Collection

This global data visualization software puts state-of-the-science environmental and socioeconomic data sets on the user's desktop and offers a quick look at complex issues through the rapid ...
NSES: 5-8:Standard C: Life Science:Population and ecosystems
Subject: Geographical Sciences:Human geography, Policy issues, Geographical Sciences:Physical geography, Environmental science
Resource Type: Data:In situ dataset

Noon Shadows on the Equinox part of Web Resource Collection

This middle/junior high school activity has students measure the angle of the shadow cast by the midday sun on the equinox and compare it to their latitude. Data from classes that have done the ...
NSES: 5-8:Standard A: Science as Inquiry:Understanding about scientific inquiry
Subject: Physics, Geographical Sciences:Physical geography
Resource Type: Learning Materials:Field activity

Journey to Planet Earth part of Web Resource Collection

This site features seven PBS programs from around the world that explore the delicate relationship between humans and the natural environment, and the necessity of achieving a balance between the ...
NSES: 5-8:Standard C: Life Science:Regulation and behavior
Subject: Agricultural science, Hydrology, Ecology, Policy issues, Geographical Sciences:Human geography, Natural hazards, Environmental science
Resource Type: Audio:Sound

Transnational Pollution: Why Are You Dumping on Me? part of Web Resource Collection

The purpose of this lesson is to familiarize students with the different types of transnational pollution, and to give them an opportunity to role play in a hypothetical case of transnational ...
NCGE Standards: The World in Spatial Terms:Use of maps
Subject: Environmental science, Geographical Sciences:Human geography, Policy issues
Resource Type: Learning Materials:Lesson plan

Low-level Nuclear Waste: A Geographic Analysis part of Web Resource Collection

In this lesson plan students will learn how to analyze the problems surrounding nuclear waste and to make decisions concerning it. They will learn what radioactive waste is; learn the impacts that a ...
NCGE Standards: The Uses of Geography:Interpreting the present and future
Subject: Geographical Sciences:Human geography, Environmental science
Resource Type: Learning Materials:Lesson plan

This Dynamic Earth: the Story of Plate Tectonics part of Web Resource Collection

This publication provides an introduction to the theory of plate tectonics. It was intended as a companion to the map entitled 'This Dynamic Planet', published by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) ...
NSES: 5-8:Unifying Concepts and Processes:Evidence, models, and explanation
Subject: Physics, Natural hazards, Geographical Sciences:Physical geography, Geological Sciences:Geologic time, Geology, Structural geology, Geophysics
Resource Type: Text:Book

Dynamics of the Earth part of Web Resource Collection

This site consists of a series of modules for introductory geology. The site features useful, interactive animations for a large range of geology topics. There are lecture slide shows, quizzes, and ...
NSES: 9-12:Standard D: Earth and Space Science:Energy in the earth system
Subject: Soil Science, Geological Sciences:Mineralogy or petrology, Structural geology, Geology, Geologic time, Geographical Sciences:Physical geography, Hydrology, Natural hazards, Oceanographical Sciences:Physical oceanography, Chemical oceanography
Resource Type: Learning Materials:Course, Computer Activity

Mount St. Helens, Washington homepage part of Web Resource Collection

This USGS web page contains images from the Mount Saint Helens eruptions. The site contains information about the 1980 eruption, activity before, during, and after and previous eruptions. The site ...
NSES: 5-8:Standard D: Earth and Space Science:Structure of the earth system
Subject: Geographical Sciences:Physical geography, Geological Sciences:Geology, Natural hazards
Resource Type: Service:Clearinghouse, Portal:Government portal

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