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Journey to Planet Earth part of Web Resource Collection

This site features seven PBS programs from around the world that explore the delicate relationship between humans and the natural environment, and the necessity of achieving a balance between the ...
NSES: 5-8:Standard C: Life Science:Regulation and behavior
Subject: Agricultural science, Hydrology, Policy issues, Ecology, Geographical Sciences:Human geography, Natural hazards, Environmental science
Resource Type: Audio:Sound

BASINS: Better Assessment Science Integrating Point and Nonpoint Sources part of Web Resource Collection

BASINS is a multipurpose environmental analysis system for use by regional, state, and local agencies in performing watershed and water quality based studies. This new software makes it possible to ...
NCGE Standards: Places and Regions:Characteristics of places
Subject: Ecology, Hydrology, Chemistry, Environmental science, Geological Sciences:Geochemistry, Agricultural science, Soil Science
Resource Type: Data:In situ dataset

RUS - the Surfin Squirrel part of Web Resource Collection

Rural Utilities Service (RUS) was developed as part of a Federal effort to make agencies and their work more understandable and accessible to school age children - as well as to provide useful ...
NCGE Standards: Human Systems:Economic interdependence
Subject: Agricultural science
Resource Type: Learning Materials:Computer Activity

George Washington Carver: Coloring and Activity Book part of Web Resource Collection

Pages from this book include a maze, crossword puzzle, word search, and math exercise in addition to coloring sheets. Each of the activities contain an agricultural theme; many of the coloring pages ...
NSES: K-4:Unifying Concepts and Processes:Systems, order, and organization
Subject: Agricultural science
Resource Type: Learning Materials:Classroom Activity

Weather and Agriculture part of Web Resource Collection

In this lesson plan students will research, discuss, and write reports on the relationship between climate and agriculture. They will pretend that they have just purchased farms in specific parts of ...
NCGE Standards: Physical Systems:Distribution of ecosystems
Subject: Ecology, Agricultural science, Climatology
Resource Type: Learning Materials:Lesson plan

Boulder Area Sustainability Information Network part of Web Resource Collection

BASIN is a local community service network offering public access to environmental information. BASIN's initial focus is on water in Boulder County, CO: where it comes from, goes to and how it is ...
NSES: 5-8:Standard F: Personal and Social Perspectives:Populations, resources, and environments
Subject: Climatology, Agricultural science, Hydrology, Environmental science
Resource Type: Portal:Government portal

Environmental Water Security: Lessons from the Southwestern U.S., Northwestern Mexico, and the Middle East part of Web Resource Collection

This site is a US Global Change Research Program Seminar, dated 23 November 1998. It consists of a series or reports that help students to understand how water has been used to transform desert ...
NSES: 9-12:Standard F: Personal and Social Perspectives:Natural resources
Subject: Agricultural science, Policy issues
Resource Type: Text:Report

Water Management: towards 2030 part of Web Resource Collection

This article from Agriculture21 cites the management practices and policies that will be necessary to avoid water crises in the coming three decades. There are links to information on raising water ...
NSES: 5-8:Standard G: History and Nature of Science:Science as a human endeavor
Subject: Environmental science, Agricultural science, Policy issues, Soil Science, Technology
Resource Type: Text:Periodical

Monitoring and Assessing Our Nation's Water Quality part of Web Resource Collection

This is a fact sheet on the water quality programs directly administered by the USGS. USGS provides information on issues such as the suitability of water for public supply and irrigation, aquatic ...
NSES: 9-12:Standard F: Personal and Social Perspectives:Environmental quality
Subject: Agricultural science, Geological Sciences:Geochemistry, Policy issues, Environmental science, Chemistry, Hydrology
Resource Type: Text:Reference

Water Those Plants - Elementary School Lesson Plan part of Web Resource Collection

This lesson plan develops the concept of irrigation for elementary school level kids. The lesson plan provides two activities involving role playing. Using the role playing activites and labs, ...
NSES: 5-8:Unifying Concepts and Processes:Change, constancy, and measurement
Subject: Agricultural science, Soil Science
Resource Type: Learning Materials:Lab activity

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