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News and Updates about Serckit: the SERC Content Management System

New Image Tag Options
Posted: Sep 2 2004
The CMS now offers improved image tags with options for captions and automatic creation of a border with dropshadow. The new image tag format also incoporates the option to make an image into a link obviating the need for the imagelink tag. The old format should still work. The new format is explained in the usual documentation. These new options also apply to thumbnails.
Many Improvements to Form Making Tools
Posted: Aug 16 2004
A number of improvements have been made to the form building tools–most due to popular demand. Orphaned forms are now displayed for clean-up, it's easier to delete elements, add checkboxes and much more. The next time you're in editing a form take a second to take in the new refinements.
New CMS Tags and Hiding Inappropriate Next/Prev Links
Posted: Mar 18 2004
Two new tags are now available in the CMS. « and » produce left and right guillmet: ??? and ???. These are traditionally used as quotation marks (e.g. in French) but are handily (mis-)used on the web for their arrow-esque appearance and compact size. Many pages in the CMS are automatically equipped with Next and Previous page links at the bottom of the page by virtue of their template. However, in some circumstances there may be a particular page for which these are inappropriate (e.g. a submission form where the presence of 'next' right below the 'submit' button may be confusing). There is now a new option in the page metadata to supress the display of Next/Previous link for a particular page.
Updates to Workshop Application Display
Posted: Mar 3 2004
Two new features have been added to the display of workshop applications. Links at the top of the page provide a quick way to view the email addresses associated with a particular form. These should be suitable for copying into an email program. Also there's now a new column where you can assign a status (e.g. accepted) or add a comment to any submission.