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News and Updates about Serckit: the SERC Content Management System

CMS News Now Available as RSS
Posted: Apr 18 2008
News about updates to the CMS is now available via RSS. I've included older messages into this new feed although their dates may be misleading. Hopefully with this new system I'll publish news of CMS changes in a more timely manner.
Automated Cataloging of Links
Posted: Apr 12 2007
Following a major revamp of SERC cataloging infrastructure we've moved to a system that automatically identifies external resources that are linked to from multiple location across the site and creates 'starter' catalog records for these pages.
Make Items Live at Different Granularities
Posted: Oct 17 2006
New options are available for making items live.
Watermark on Development Pages
Posted: Feb 16 2006
Development pages are now watermarked in an attempt to avoid confusion.
Minor Update to Submission Queues
Posted: Feb 2 2006
It is now possible when viewing submission queues to rapidly mark a series of submissions (using a new checkbox on the right), and then delete them all at once (using the button at the top of the right-most column). This should make it easier for folks to efficiently clear out submission spam. Also, the brief display of submission contents in the queue has been compacted a bit to minimize scrolling.
Editing Interface Gets Some Upgrades
Posted: Dec 29 2005
A number of new features and refinements have been made to various editing pages.
New File and Image functions: Revisions and more
Posted: Oct 26 2005
The CMS functions for uploading images and files have been reworked. A major new feature is the ability to upload a new version of an existing file or image. The new version will automatically replace the old one across the site. Previous revisions can be saved for posterity. It's also now possible to edit details of existing files and images (like the alt text for an image), so one doesn't have to delete and replace as with the old tools. All these functions are also now available in project-specific document archives.
Attractive, Unobtrusive Image Captions
Posted: Jul 12 2005
We've updated the documentation to include an example of how to combine some of the existing tags to make effective image captions. We'd encourage everyone to check out the example and start using captions (including credits) along with their images whenever feasible. Even if the image is 'only' decorative our visitors are a curious bunch and want to know what that image you've so carefully choosen is really showing. Captions add professional polish and an additional level of richness to your site. Check out the MLER site for a look at how this sort of approach looks when applied systematically–it's good stuff.
Admin Site Facelift
Posted: Jun 30 2005
The admin interface to the CMS has undergone a major facelift.
New Related Links Tag
Posted: Mar 3 2005
The CMS now provides a function to highlight related link for a given page. This should be useful as a way to provide pointers toward locations elsewhere on the site that may be relevant for a given page but difficult to find through the local navigation. Details can be found in the documentation.