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News and Updates about Serckit: the SERC Content Management System

Cleaning MS-Word Detrius
Posted: Oct 14 2008
The editing interface now attempts to strip ugly formatting tags from text that is copy and pasted in from Word. Simply saving the text should do the trick. Let me know if this doesn't work or if there appear to be unwanted side-effects of this feature (resulting in wanted stuff disappearing).
Classic Interface Available
Posted: Sep 23 2008
Hopefully not following the New Coke tradition there is now a Classic Editing Level option that will give you the old non-WYSIWYG interface. This is for emergency use if the new interface seems to blow up on something. Please let me know in that case so I can make it not blow up.
Submitted Materials can be Tracked
Posted: Sep 22 2008
The final destination of materials submitted through forms which are subsequently moved into pages (through our usual semi-automatic process) is now tracked. So that when looking at the original submission (in the queue) you can follow the "moved here" link to go to the page that submission transfered to. Sadly this is not retroactive...
Black Diamond Update
Posted: Sep 18 2008
Following on the switch to the new editing tools those pesky black diamonds representing odd characters in your text will be handled a little better.
Major CMS Overhaul
Posted: Sep 17 2008
The editing tools in the CMS have just undergone a major reworking. If you edit in the CMS you'll want to read this!
More Fixes for Special Characters
Posted: Jul 30 2008
We've done some automatic search and replace that has gotten rid of most of the problematic special characters mostly em dashes.
Changes to Special Characters
Posted: Jul 11 2008
We've made changes to how the system handles special characters. This may effect existing pages.
Update on uls
Posted: Jun 10 2008
The CMS will now recognize pages that have ul tags without li tags and prevent you from editing them in the wysiwyg view.  You can fix them in the standard view.
Beta Test WYSIWYG Editing
Posted: May 27 2008
Those of you who are curious/intrepid can change your Editing Level to 'beta' to test drive the new wysiwyg editing tool. It's available temporarily so that we can get some testing and feedback.
Changes to File and Image Upload Forms
Posted: Apr 18 2008
The File and Image upload dialogs now ask for information about permissions and reuse. They also now automatically detect file types.