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This page allows searching across the SERC catalogs: the set of resources from the web and in print that have been selected as relevant by SERC-supported projects. The catalog draws from collections created directly by our partners as well as those harvested from other digital library collections.


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A View from the Back of the Envelope: Fermi Questions part of Web Resource Collection

This website describes Fermi questions used to make rough approximations. The site contains links to a collection of Fermi questions as well as miscellaneous Fermi question information.
Subject: Mathematics
Resource Type: Pedagogic Resources:Overview/Summary

A View from the Back of the Envelope part of Web Resource Collection

This website is devoted to different methods of approximation. The site describes using orders of magnitude, scaling, simplifying numbers, exponential notation, and Fermi questions. Included with the ...
Subject: Mathematics
Resource Type: Activities, Pedagogic Resources:Overview/Summary

The Gateway to Educational Materials part of Web Resource Collection

The Gateway to Educational Materials (GEM) Consortium is a clearinghouse for lesson plans, curriculum units, and other educational resources on just about any academic subject. You can also browse by ...
Subject: Biology, :Ecology, Geoscience, Chemistry, Physics:Astronomy, Mathematics, Physics, Geoscience:Lunar and Planetary Science, Geography
Resource Type: Scientific Resources:Collection, Activities

Merlot part of Web Resource Collection

MERLOT is a community of educators in higher education who collaborate to develop and disseminate high quality online resources for faculty to incorporate into their courses. This website provides ...
Subject: Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Biology, Geoscience, :Lunar and Planetary Science
Resource Type: Scientific Resources:Collection, Course Information

The Society for Chaos Theory in Psychology & Life Sciences part of Web Resource Collection

The Society for Chaos Theory in Psychology & Life Sciences is an international forum bringing together researchers, theoreticians, and practitioners interested in applying dynamical systems ...
Subject: Mathematics, Biology, :Ecology, Chemistry, Physics
Resource Type: Datasets and Tools:Datasets, Scientific Resources:Collection

The Gapminder World 2006 part of Web Resource Collection

Gapminder is a non-profit venture developing information technology for provision of free statistics in new visual and animated ways. Goal: enable you to make sense of the world by having fun with ...
Subject: Mathematics:Statistics:Data Presentation:Multivariate Categorical Relationships:Graphical Displays, Geoscience:Atmospheric Science:Climate Change, Environmental Science:Human Population, Geoscience:Atmospheric Science:Climate Change:Greenhouse gas emissions, Mathematics:Statistics:Data Presentation, Data Presentation:Multivariate Quantitative Relationships:Correlation, Environmental Science:Global Change and Climate:Climate Change:Greenhouse gas emissions, Environmental Science:Human Population:Developing/Developed Countries, Geography:Human/Cultural, Mathematics:Statistics
Resource Type: Audio/Visual:Animations/Video, Datasets and Tools:Datasets with Tools, Audio/Visual:Maps

Just-in-Time Teaching Digital Library part of Web Resource Collection

This is a digital library for Just-in-Time Teaching pedagogical resources. It includes a collection of JiTT questions from a variety of disciplines, a wiki, a listing of people who use JiTT in their ...
Subject: Mathematics, Physics, Geoscience, Education, Chemistry, Biology
Resource Type: Pedagogic Resources:Collection

Middle School Portal 2: Math and Science Pathways part of Web Resource Collection

The Middle School Portal 2: Math and Science Pathways (MSP2) project supports middle grades educators with high-quality, standards-based resources and promotes collaboration and knowledge-sharing ...
Subject: Mathematics, Physics, Geoscience, Environmental Science, Chemistry, Biology
Resource Type: Activities

Visionlearning Library part of Web Resource Collection

At Visionlearning, we've developed a set of peer-reviewed materials for learning science including modular readings, interactive multimedia, and a glossary - all available for free on the web in both ...
Subject: Chemistry, Environmental Science, Physics, Library Science, Mathematics, Geoscience, Biology
Resource Type: Assessments, Pedagogic Resources, :Collection, Assessments:On line

What's All The Fuss About Metacognition? part of Print Resource Collection
Schoenfeld redefines the concept of metacognition, thinking about your own thinking, to provide a useful approach for students to learn how to solve mathematical problems. He shifts the focus on ...

Subject: Education, Mathematics
Resource Type: Pedagogic Resources:Overview/Summary, Research Results

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