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SENCER Innovations Featured At ACS Meeting by Trace Jordan - September 2003, p. 6

First Results from the SENCER SALG Reported - March 2004

Environmental Chemistry and Ethnicity: Uraniaum and American Indians - Catherine Middlecamp and Omie Baldwin - November 2004

Seventeen Midwestern Schools Practice the "5 R's"-Reuniting, Reporting, Recruiting, Recommending, and Regionalizing- at SENCER Symposium in Chicago - February 2005 p. 6-8

Learning Chemistry Through Policy Issues and Civic Engagement:

A Report from the American Chemical Society Meeting in San Diego April 2005, p. 7-8

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SSI 2005-Preview of SENCER Alumni Symposia: A Celebration of Work - July 2005, p. 7

How Can Global Experience Improve Science Education? Ask The Experts Among Us - August 2005 p. 4-5


"Implications of Learning Research"

"Reinventing Self as a Professor"


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Articles about "Chemistry & Ethnicity"

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