TechEP–An Emerging Model of Curricular Integration

Submitted by:

Herbert Schanker
Associate Professor
Computer Science Department
College of Staten Island
City University of New York

The Technical Education Program at City University of New York

Civic issues often require basic knowledge of computer science and technology to be properly understood. Examples over the past few years abound, and include such important issues as: problems with electronic voting machines, privacy on the World Wide Web, data collection for the 2010 Census, government oversight of internet transactions, and copyright laws governing music, book and video downloads. Students who major in humanities as undergraduates tend to shy away from science, and do not appreciate how necessary this knowledge is for them in their future lives as productive citizens. A strong and healthy society requires educated citizens who understand and appreciate the scientific topics that are relevant factors in so many decisions. The Technical Education Program at CUNY uses this website to link a basic Computer Technology Course to content and materials that explore the civic, ethical, and political questions raised by our rapidly expanding technological capacity.

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