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Hunger, Science, and Public Policy


February 2005

"17 Midwestern schools practice the 5 R's" p. 6

July 2005

"SSI 2005 Preview of SENCER alumni symposia" p. 7

September 2006

"Expanding the teaching commons," by Brian Hagenbuch, Holyoke Community College

July 2007

"Three new SENCER model courses address sustainability, resources, and the local environment" pp. 4-5

September 2007

"SSI 2007 participants work to improve education for all students" pp. 5-6

February 2008

"Abstracts of Washington symposium and Capitol Hill poster session project" p. 10

Outside resources


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Talking about Slow Food: 2004 interview with Patrick Martins, Slow Food USA

Slow Food: This article provides good background on the Slow Food Movement. It is also linked on the Web pages of the Organic Consumer Movement.

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