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Future Engaging Mathematics Website
Posted: Apr 11 2014
A new website is being designed that will house information about NCSCE's newest initiative, Engaging Mathematics: Creating a National Community of Practice.
2014 SENCER Summer Institute
Posted: Mar 28 2014
Individual, group, and team applications for SSI 2014 are due on April 1, 2014.
"Internet Privacy, Computer Ethics, and DiversITy"
Posted: Mar 28 2014
Internet Privacy, Computer Ethics, and DiversITy in the STEM fields will be the focus of SCI-New England regional meeting to be held at Southern Connecticut State University on Saturday, April 5th from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM.
Call for Manuscripts for the Summer 2014 Issue of Science Education and Civic Engagement: An International Journal
Posted: Mar 28 2014
Eliza Reilly and Trace Jordan, co- editors of SECEIJ invite manuscript submissions for the Summer 2014 issue. Manuscripts in all topic areas, especially reports on projects that are international in scope, are welcome.
Normandale Community College: A Place Where Students "See" Math
Posted: Mar 28 2014
In our last issue, Normandale Community College's Mathematics for the Liberal Arts was identified as a course that aims to inspire students to appreciate the mathematics that surrounds them, the mathematics that is hidden in plain sight. According to Normandale Professor Anthony Dunlop, the ultimate goal he envisioned while designing the course was "to have students think of math whenever they are near Minnesota's many waterways, and to have at least an inkling that mathematics and quantitative reasoning [are] vital to understanding and protecting these resources."
What's Happening in SENCER-ISE: Hamilton College & Green Science Policy Institute: a Cross-Continental Collaboration
Posted: Mar 28 2014
Hamilton College and Green Science Policy Institute (GSP) are partnering to develop research opportunities for undergraduate science students that meld analytical toxicology with public policy and civic engagement.
Short Course on Socio-Environmental Synthesis
Posted: Mar 28 2014
The National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center (SESYNC) is offering a four-day short course on "Teaching Socio-Environmental Synthesis with Case Studies."
When, Why & Where Does the Public Learn Science: An Ecosystem Approach
Posted: Mar 28 2014
New Mexico Informal Science Education Network (NM ISE Net) and New Mexico EPSCoR, a partnership supported by the SENCER-ISE initiative, will be hosting a free program at the Anderson Abruzzo International Balloon Museum.
2014 National Medal of Science Nominations
Posted: Mar 28 2014
The nomination of colleagues for awards is one of the most important and gratifying aspects of participating in the scientific community. Help celebrate the contributions of your colleagues by submitting a nomination for the 2014 National Medal of Science.
AAAS Science and Human Rights Coalition - 2014 Student Essay Competition
Posted: Mar 28 2014
Undergraduate and graduate students are invited to participate in the AAAS Science and Human Rights Coalition Essay Competition.
Modern Mathematics: Oglethorpe University's Great Idea
Posted: Mar 13 2014
Oglethorpe University's Great Ideas of Modern Mathematics (GIMM) course offers students the chance to delve deeply into three of these recent developments, a chance most English, business, or anthropology majors never get during their undergraduate careers, a chance typically reserved for those majoring in math and science
Ellen Lettvin Named Robert Noyce Fellow in Informal STEM Learning
Posted: Mar 13 2014
Dr. Ellen Lettvin, Vice President of Science and Education for Pacific Science Center in Seattle, Washington, has been named as the Robert Noyce Fellow in Informal Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Learning.
SSI 2014 Plenary Speakers Announced, New SSI Brochure Released Online
Posted: Mar 13 2014
NCSCE is pleased to announce several of the planned plenary speakers for the 2014 SENCER Summer Institute (SSI). The Institute will be held from July 31 to August 4 at the University of North Carolina at Asheville.
SCI-Midwest Symposium Highlights
Posted: Mar 13 2014
Roosevelt University hosted the March 8, 2014 SCI-Midwest symposium, which focused on "Teaching College Science and Math Through Themes of Food, Health and Sustainability Themes."
What's Happening in SENCER-ISE: Cornell Undergraduate Mariel Schneider Reflects on Work with SENCER-ISE Project
Posted: Mar 13 2014
The SENCER-ISE partnerships are providing programs and courses for students young and old, but some are going further to include undergraduate and graduate students in implementing the projects. One such partnership is Cornell University and the Sciencenter's Science from the Start: Engaging Researchers, Undergraduates and a Science Museum to Reach Early Learners and Set the Stage for STEM Learning, a project focused on researching the way children learn while providing parents and caregivers the tools needed to optimize their child's engagement in STEM learning.
Dan Kahan Appointed NCSCE Senior Fellow
Posted: Mar 13 2014
Dan M. Kahan, whose challenging 2013 SENCER Summer Institute plenary session continues to spur discussions among staff and community members, has joined the National Center for Science and Civic Engagement as a Senior Fellow.
University of Pretoria Hosts SENCER Symposium
Posted: Mar 13 2014
The first SENCER Symposium at the University of Pretoria, coordinated by Dr. Debra Meyer, is occurring this week in South Africa.
Study Abroad Approach to Calculus
Posted: Feb 26 2014
Students who may have felt that rigorous course loads excluded them from studying abroad were given the opportunity to travel without having to delay graduation, while members of the GARBO Coffee Cooperative were provided with mathematically sound suggestions for developing eco-tourism.
What's Happening in SENCER-ISE: Forest Restoration Underway at Glen Helen Outdoor Education Center
Posted: Feb 26 2014
Antioch College and the Glen Helen Outdoor Education Center (OEC) are partnering on Biodiversity, Invasive Species, and Forest Restoration: Intergenerational Civic Engagement, in the Classroom and Outdoors, a project engaging older adults at the Yellow Springs Senior Center, students at Antioch College, and grade school students from across the region in forest restoration at the OEC.
Summer BioBuilder Workshop Opportunities
Posted: Feb 26 2014
The BioBuilder Educational Foundation is offering summer professional development workshops around the country. These workshops have shaped teachers' understanding of biology and their approach to teaching in middle and high school classrooms.