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SCI-Great Lakes Workshop on Civic Engagement Opportunities in Vacant Land Repurposing, November 21-22
Posted: Oct 31 2013
This workshop will explore opportunities for applying SENCER principles to repurposing vacant land in the urban centers of the Great Lakes region.
November SCI-West Meeting to Address Use of Multi-Media Tools as Pedagogy
Posted: Oct 31 2013
The SENCER Center for Innovation - West will host a regional meeting on November 16, 2013 at Saint Mary's College.
A Meeting of the Minds (Part Two):
Posted: Oct 31 2013
On October 10 and 11, 2013, the second cohort of SENCER-ISE Partnerships met in Jersey City, NJ for an orientation meeting.
WPI Students Join NCSCE Strategic Planning Efforts
Posted: Oct 31 2013
This week, we welcomed three students from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) to the NCSCE office in Washington, DC. The WPI team will work with the Center to conduct research for NCSCE's funding and institutionalization options for moving forward.
Super Storm Sandy:
Posted: Oct 31 2013
On Monday evening I had the pleasure of attending a book talk by the historian, John Gillis, emeritus professor from Rutgers and a close friend of mine. John discussed his new book, The Human Shore, and described Super Storm Sandy, whose one-year anniversary is this week, as not a "natural disaster" but a disaster more closely connected to our human relationships to shores, coasts and beaches.
SSI 2014: New Program Additions Announced, Applications Invited
Posted: Oct 31 2013
We look forward to returning to Asheville, North Carolina for the 2014 SENCER Summer Institute and introducing new members of our community to the lovely campus and its beautiful surroundings.
Save the Date! SCI-Great Lakes Planned for November 21-22
Posted: Oct 17 2013
The fall SCI-Great Lakes meeting will address the theme, "Opportunities for Applying SENCER Principles to Repurposing Vacant Land in the Urban Centers of the Great Lakes Region," and will be hosted in Gary, Indiana.
TWU Leaders Present SENCER to Oklahoma University
Posted: Oct 17 2013
SCI-Southwest Co-Director Richard Sheardy and SENCER Leadership Fellow Cynthia Maguire are leading a new partnership, introducing the SENCER approach to educators and administrators to Oklahoma University.
2014 ACS Annual Meeting to Feature SENCER Symposium
Posted: Oct 17 2013
Dr. Richard D. Sheardy has been recognized by the American Chemical Society (ACS) and will again host a symposium as part of the ACS annual meeting on SENCER.
Staff Departure Announcement - Amanda Moodie
Posted: Oct 17 2013
While I am going to miss the entire SENCER community, I am excited to start my new endeavor as Global Conferences Specialist.
SCEWestNet Texas Partners Grow Successful Program for Sustainable Schools
Posted: Oct 13 2013
The City of Denton, Texas has been working with local public, private and homeschool groups since 2004 to encourage positive environmental stewardship.
Agenda Now Available for November 2 SCI-New England Meeting
Posted: Oct 3 2013
The day will be full of workshops introducing participants to SENCER, providing discussions of innovative pedagogies and partnerships including a panel from Campus Compact. In addition, there will be a workshop for administrators on leading change on your campus.
Joint EPSCoR Campus Compact Meeting in Maine to Focus on SENCERizing Curricula
Posted: Oct 3 2013
We are pleased to share the announcement for an upcoming meeting on October 7-8 that will explore 'Best Practices for Linking STEM Education and Civic Engagement' through SENCERizing the curriculum.
Students Develop Chemistry Projects that Impact Daily Campus and Community Life
Posted: Oct 3 2013
In an effort to keep the students motivated while integrating new key elements into the curriculum, a flexible, modular SENCER project was developed at Southern Connecticut State University, where students could, with minimal guidance, develop a project related to their own interests.
SCI-Chesapeake Bay Hosts First Fall Symposium
Posted: Oct 3 2013
On September 14 and 15, the SENCER Center for Innovation (SCI) - Chesapeake Bay brought together a diverse cadre of scholars for its first fall regional meeting in the incredible setting of the Smithsonian-Mason School of Conservation in Front Royal, VA.
Here for Good: Ensuring Relevance and Sustainability for NCSCE
Posted: Oct 3 2013
Through support from the National Science Foundation (NSF), NCSCE has been engaged in strategic planning over the past year.
A Meeting of Minds: Second Cohort of SENCER-ISE Partnerships Gather in Jersey City
Posted: Oct 3 2013
The second cohort of SENCER-ISE Partnerships will be gathering in Jersey City, NJ for an orientation meeting on October 10 and 11, 2013.
Fall SCI-New England Meeting November 2
Posted: Sep 19 2013
The upcoming Fall Regional Meeting of SCI-NE will take place on the campus of Worcester Polytechnic Institute on Saturday, November 2nd.
Applications for SSI 2013 Post-Institute Implementation Sub-Awards Invited
Posted: Sep 19 2013
Post-Institute Implementation Awards are awarded following a competitive review process. The awards are for projects of up to two years, with a start date of December 1, 2013, and a maximum award of $3,000.
Engaging Mathematics to Expand SENCER Applications in Mathematics Education
Posted: Sep 19 2013
Engaging Mathematics: Building a National Community of Practice is the name for a new three-year initiative supported by the National Science Foundation though its TUES-II program.