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SCI-Southwest Holds Spring Meeting on Bringing Civic Engagement and Undergraduate Research Experiences into Chemistry Courses, and Incorporating Themes of Sustainability Across the Curriculum
Posted: Feb 2 2015
On January 23, 43 attendees from seven institutions gathered in the Ann Stuart Science Complex at Texas Woman's University (TWU) for the SENCER Center for Innovation Southwest spring regional meeting on civic engagement, undergraduate research, and sustainability. The meeting was structured around a morning and afternoon program, and featured a poster session highlighting faculty and student work related to SENCER and undergraduate research.
SCI-MidAtlantic to Host Two Regional Conferences This Fall
Posted: Sep 10 2014
SCI-MidAtlantic will host two fall meetings–"SENCER and Engaging Mathematics" on October 18 at LaGuardia Community College, and "SENCER and Teaching with Technology" on November 15 at Barnard College.
2014 Public Policy Symposium at SENCER Summer Institute Will Address the Public Understanding of Science
Posted: Apr 24 2014
Since scientific consensus alone does not seem to be either persuasive to the public or dispositive to policy makers, how science and scientific evidence are communicated must be re-strategized, especially in light of what we know about the beliefs and dispositions of specific audiences.
Spring 2014 New England Regional Meeting Engages Participants in Discussions on Cyber Security, Privacy, and STEM Education
Posted: Apr 24 2014
Sessions revealed the range, depth and difficulty of just some of the civic questions that are emerging as new technologies develop and occupy such an important place in our lives and the world's economy.
Students Develop Chemistry Projects that Impact Daily Campus and Community Life
Posted: Oct 3 2013
In an effort to keep the students motivated while integrating new key elements into the curriculum, a flexible, modular SENCER project was developed at Southern Connecticut State University, where students could, with minimal guidance, develop a project related to their own interests.
SENCER-ISE Partners Gather for the First Time at the 2013 SENCER Summer Institute
Posted: Aug 22 2013
The National Center for Science and Civic Engagement welcomed the first cohort of SENCER-ISE Civic Engagement Partnership Support Award partners to the SENCER community during SSI 2013. With much enthusiasm and curiosity, the SENCER-ISE partners gathered together with their fellow awardees to plan for their projects, learn more about the SENCER community, and enjoy the beauty of the Santa Clara University campus and SENCER hospitality.
Students Create "Environmental Dashboard" to Inform Community Decision-Making
Posted: Aug 22 2013
At Oberlin College, faculty and students affiliated with NCSCE's GLISTEN (Great Lakes Innovative Stewardship Through Education Network) project have created an "Environmental Dashboard" for residents of Oberlin, Ohio.
SSI 2013 Opening Plenary Speaker to Address Complexities of Scientific Communication and Cultural Cognition
Posted: Jun 26 2013
Dan Kahan, the Elizabeth K. Dollard Professor of Law and Professor of Psychology at Yale Law School, will join us at Santa Clara University to deliver the SSI 2013 opening plenary address.
Stony Brook University Hosts SCI-Midatlantic Spring Conference
Posted: Apr 17 2013
More than 80 educators and administrators from New York and New Jersey gathered at Stony Brook University on March 28 to discuss methods of improving STEM education.
SALG Launches New Format
Posted: Jun 1 2008
SENCER E-Newsletter, June 2008, Volume 7, Issue 8 This summer will be an eventful one for the SALG site, and several changes will directly affect people using the SENCER SALG. The new SALG site has been up since ...
Centers for Innovation in Science and Mathematics Education Launches
Posted: Apr 1 2008
SENCER E-Newsletter, April 2008, Volume 7, Issue 6 SENCER formally announced the launch of five Centers for Innovation on April 15th during a meeting in the Rayburn House Office Building on Capitol Hill. The new ...
30 Teams Selected to Participate in SSI 2008
Posted: Apr 1 2008
SENCER E-Newsletter, April 2008, Volume 7, Issue 6 Thirty teams and 22 individuals representing 51 colleges, universities, and other educational organizations have been invited to attend SSI 2008, which will be ...
SALG Launches New Format with Important Changes for All Users: Critical Instructions for New and Existing Users of the SENCER-SALG
Posted: Jan 1 2008
SENCER E-Newsletter, January 2008, Volume 7, Issue 3 In the December e-Newsletter, we featured an article by Stephen Carroll about the redesign of the Student Assessment of Learning Gains (SALG) online assessment ...
SALG Debuts New Format
Posted: Dec 1 2007
SENCER E-Newsletter, December 2007, Volume 7, Issue 2 Stephen Carroll - Santa Clara University The National Science Foundation is supporting a redesign of the Student Assessment of Learning Gains (SALG) online ...
National Science Board Releases Action Plan for 21st Century STEM Education: A Brief Summary for the SENCER Community
Posted: Sep 1 2007
SENCER E-Newsletter, September 2007, Volume 6, Issue 11 Ellen Mappen - Senior Fellow, NCSCE On August 9th, 2007, the National Science Board (NSB) released for public comment a draft action plan to address the ...
Science is the Foundation for Careers
Posted: Jan 1 2007
SENCER E-Newsletter, January 2007, Volume 6, Issue 4 Dr. Melvyn D. Schiavelli One of the main roles of U.S. higher education today is to educate the next generation of citizens who will help the nation maintain ...
Computation Science: Learning to Apply Mathematics and Computer Science to Important Scientific and Public Programs
Posted: Nov 1 2006
SENCER E-Newsletter, November 2006, Volume 6, Issue 3 Angela B. Shiflet, Wofford College Talk about "civic engagement"! Consider the following research projects performed at laboratories across the ...
SENCER Model of the Month: Computer Ethics
Posted: Sep 1 2006
SENCER E-Newsletter, September 2006, Volume 6, Issue 1 Terrell Ward Bynum, Southern Connecticut State University Computer Ethics, taught by Professor Terrell Ward Bynum at Southern Connecticut State University, is ...
Posted: Oct 1 2005
SENCER E-Newsletter, October 2005, Volume 5, Issue 2 The SENCER-SALG is a new version of the Student Assessment of Learning Gains (SALG), an online survey designed by University of Colorado researcher Elaine ...
Get in the FastLane With SENCER: Online Reporting Instrument Ready for Use
Posted: Sep 1 2005
SENCER E-Newsletter, September 2005, Volume 5, Issue 1 We are pleased to announce that SENCER FastLane is now available. Using the National Science Foundation's FastLane as a model, SENCER has created an ...