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"Natural Connections" in K-5 Education
Posted: Apr 11 2014
Thanks to an emerging collaboration of representatives of the National Center, SENCER, the SCI-Chesapeake Bay, and the Virginia Department of Education that got stimulated by the SCI-Chesapeake Bay regional meeting at Front Royal, VA last fall, we were invited to attend an elementary education conference entitled "Natural Connections: Interdisciplinary Strategies for Teaching and Learning." The conference was held in Richmond, Virginia on the expansive grounds of the Lewis Ginter Botanical Center on March 28th and 29th.
SCI - South organizes workshops at the 2014 Gulf South Summit and Research Week 2014 at Auburn University
Posted: Apr 11 2014
Auburn University is hosting two regional events organized by the SCI-South, headquartered at University of North Carolina-Asheville this Spring. There is still time to attend one of them. Expanding on last year's successful inclusion of SENCER with Auburn's remarkable focus on, and extensive program to support, student and related research activities, SENCER will again be featured during Auburn's 2014 Research Week coming up on April 17. Research week follows on the Gulf-South Summit on Service-Learning and Civic Engagement through Higher Education held on March 27.
Riverland Community College to host "Making STEM Real" Symposium June 16-17
Posted: Apr 11 2014
With funds provided though its SSI 2013 Post-Institute Implementation Award, the Riverland Community College SENCER team will be hosting a symposium on their campus in Austin, Minnesota on June 16 and 17.
A SENCER Symposium in South Africa: Meeting Developing Challenges in Education for a New Democracy
Posted: Apr 11 2014
Some sixty faculty members, researchers, and academic leaders from the University of Pretoria, the University of Johannesburg, and the Academy of Science for South Africa and others attended the SENCER Symposium held on March 12 in Pretoria, South Africa. Many participants expressed the hope that this would be the first of what could become an annual event.
What's Happening in SENCER-ISE: Cornell Undergraduate Mariel Schneider Reflects on Work with SENCER-ISE Project
Posted: Mar 13 2014
The SENCER-ISE partnerships are providing programs and courses for students young and old, but some are going further to include undergraduate and graduate students in implementing the projects. One such partnership is Cornell University and the Sciencenter's Science from the Start: Engaging Researchers, Undergraduates and a Science Museum to Reach Early Learners and Set the Stage for STEM Learning, a project focused on researching the way children learn while providing parents and caregivers the tools needed to optimize their child's engagement in STEM learning.
SCI-Midwest Symposium Highlights
Posted: Mar 13 2014
Roosevelt University hosted the March 8, 2014 SCI-Midwest symposium, which focused on "Teaching College Science and Math Through Themes of Food, Health and Sustainability Themes."
Agenda Now Available for November 2 SCI-New England Meeting
Posted: Oct 3 2013
The day will be full of workshops introducing participants to SENCER, providing discussions of innovative pedagogies and partnerships including a panel from Campus Compact. In addition, there will be a workshop for administrators on leading change on your campus.
From Black Swamp to Green Soup: Campus/Community Partnership Aims for Blue Lake
Posted: May 17 2013
One of the biggest impediments to western expansion of the United States in the early 19th century was the nearly impenetrable Great Black Swamp that spanned Northwest Ohio and Northeast Indiana.
First SCI - Great Lakes Meeting Highlights Best Practices in STEM-based Ecosystem Stewardship
Posted: Mar 20 2013
From March 14 - 16, over 60 faculty, students, and community partner representatives from four states gathered at Case Western Reserve University and the Cleveland Botanical Garden for the first regional meeting of the newly-established SENCER Center for Innovation in the Great Lakes region.
Seven New Models Added to SENCER Digital Library
Posted: Apr 29 2009
The most recent additions to the SENCER Digital Library are the seven courses and programs selected to be part of the SENCER Model Series during the summer of 2008. The diverse group of resources includes international collaborations, single courses, and course clusters, and focuses on issues such as sleep, HIV/AIDS, food, and pregnancy.
African University Teams at SSI 2002
Posted: Mar 1 2009
SENCER E-Newsletter, June 2002, Volume 1, Issue 2 Through a grant from the U.S. Agency for International Development to the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) under the University ...
Announcing the SSI 2003 Participants
Posted: Mar 1 2009
SENCER E-Newsletter, June 2003, Volume 2, Issue 1 We are pleased to announce that representatives from the following colleges, universities, and institutions will be attending the SENCER Summer Institute - 2003: ...
Linking SENCER Courses in Kenya - By: Sherryl Broverman
Posted: Mar 1 2009
SENCER E-Newsletter, August 2003, Volume 2, Issue 2 During the 2002 SENCER Summer Institute, I developed a collaboration with Rose Odhiambo and colleagues at Egerton University in Kenya to link our courses on ...
SENCER Innovations Featured at ACS Meeting - By: Trace Jordan
Posted: Mar 1 2009
SENCER E-Newsletter, September 2003, Volume 2, Issue 3 The 226th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society was held in New York City, September 7-11, 2003. Trace Jordan (New York University) and Jennifer ...
SENCER Co-Sponsors Symposium at NSTA Meeting
Posted: Mar 1 2009
SENCER E-Newsletter, March 2004, Volume 2, Issue 7 Environmental Literacy and Decision Making: an Interdisciplinary Goal for the 21st Century In celebration of its 25th anniversary, the Society for College Science ...
SENCER Workshop at the Association for Integrative Studies (AIS) Conference
Posted: Mar 1 2009
SENCER E-Newsletter, October 2004, Volume 4, Issue 2 By: Ellen Goldey, SENCER Senior Associate and Associate Professor of Biology, Wofford College Several SENCER associates facilitated a three-hour pre-conference ...
Seventeen Midwestern Schools Practice the "5R's" - Reuniting, Reporting, Recruiting, Recommending, and Regionalizing - at SENCER Symposium in Chicago
Posted: Mar 1 2009
SENCER E-Newsletter, February 2005, Volume 4, Issue 6 SENCER's Midwest Symposium, hosted by Loyola University of Chicago, gathered more than fifty faculty and other academic leaders for a day-long series of ...
SENCER Unites with African Universities Responding to HIV/AIDS: A Report from South Africa
Posted: Mar 1 2009
SENCER E-Newsletter, March 2005, Volume 4, Issue 7 By: Sherryl Broverman, Duke University The general meeting of the Association of African Universities (AAU) was held this February in beautiful Cape Town, South ...
SSI 2002 Teams Selected
Posted: Apr 1 2002
Congratulations to the following schools who have been invited to send full teams to the SENCER Institute this summer.