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Hawaiʻi Diaries: Fall 2015 Strategic Planning Meetings for the SENCER Hawai'i Model State
Posted: Dec 8 2015
A team of SENCER representatives and practitioners returned in October and November to Hawaiʻi for six intensive days of meetings, consultations, and site visits to celebrate and continue supporting the SENCER Hawai'i state model. A large component of this visit was to bring the SENCER Hawai'i leadership team together for strategic planning meetings to continue building the state model and set milestones for the next three years. The Hawai'i SENCER state model has a strong emphasis on integrating the natural, social, and indigenous sciences with civic engagement, and supports statewide initiatives that address important issues, such as the University University and State Legislature State Legislature work in sustainability.
SENCER Seeks Participants for NSF Assessment Project
Posted: May 26 2015
Will you be teaching a course that covers topics in chemistry, physics, or biology this upcoming fall semester? Are you looking for ways to show that your course is working and effective? Would you like to feel confident that students retain what they learn in your course long after they leave your classroom? If so, we'd love for you to join our assessment project. We are partnering with the College Board to combine their field-tested AP science questions with our well-established SALG student survey to measure the Enduring Understandings of SENCER courses, a goal of our current grant from the National Science Foundation.
NCSCE Grants 25 Implementation Awards for Projects that Reform STEM Education, Increase Community Engagement, and Build Civic Capacity
Posted: Apr 28 2015
NCSCE awarded 25 SSI 2014 Post-Institute Implementation Awards that promote student engagement with STEM education, civic issues, and community outreach. The Implementation Awards, made possible through the National Science Foundation, are designed to support innovative projects that incorporate SENCER Ideals into undergraduate and graduate education. The 2014 awards sponsor projects that make STEM more accessible to women, minorities, and students in small, rural schools; reform institutional core curricula to broaden the scope of central, civic issues; and involve students in community-based research. Project themes include Mars exploration, sustainability and urbanization, stormwater runoff, assisted reproductive technologies, genetically modified organisms, the history and practice of science, and more. Projects were selected following a competitive review process.
Professor Gary Booth of Brigham Young University and The Core Interdisciplinary Team from the United States Military Academy Honored with the 2014 William E. Bennett Awards for Extraordinary Contributions to Citizen Science
Posted: Aug 27 2014
Gary Booth, professor of plant and wildlife science at Brigham Young University, and The Core Interdisciplinary Team from the United States Military Academy at West Point have been selected as this year's recipients of the William E. Bennett Award for Extraordinary Contributions to Citizen Science.
West Point Shares Results and Recommendations Emerging from Interdisciplinary Collaborations
Posted: Aug 27 2014
During their plenary presentation at SSI 2014, Col. Jerry Kobylski, Col. Diane Ryan, and recent West Point graduate 2LT Elizabeth Olcese discussed the origins, development, assessment results, and future plans for the "Energy Spine."
SENCER Model Course Integrating Technology and Community Engagement Recognized at Conservation Land Workshop
Posted: Jan 15 2014
The course Professor Green featured in his presentation was selected as a SENCER model in 2013. "A Journey Down the Corkscrew Watershed: Interactive Smartphone-ready GIS Map" is available now on YouTube.
Expanding Partnerships and Pushing the Envelope: Themes from the SENCER Summer Institute, 2013
Posted: Aug 22 2013
SENCER Summer Institute (SSI) alumni and newcomers experienced some new features at SSI 2013 designed to explore new opportunities for inter- and multi-disciplinary work, new partnerships, new powers and responsibilities for student learners, new vistas in goal-setting and assessment, and new connections between scientific knowledge and the formation of public policy.
Seven New Models Added to SENCER Digital Library
Posted: Apr 29 2009
The most recent additions to the SENCER Digital Library are the seven courses and programs selected to be part of the SENCER Model Series during the summer of 2008. The diverse group of resources includes international collaborations, single courses, and course clusters, and focuses on issues such as sleep, HIV/AIDS, food, and pregnancy.
Using SALG at Lynchburg College - By: Woody McKenzie
Posted: Mar 1 2009
SENCER E-Newsletter, September 2003, Volume 2, Issue 3 I have been using the SALG for the past two years for both my SENCER-related "Principles of Science" course and my math/science teaching methods ...
Stage One of SENCER SALG Web Site Nears Completion
Posted: Mar 1 2009
SENCER E-Newsletter, August 2003, Volume 2, Issue 2 Sue Daffinrud, a member of the evaluation/assessment team for SENCER, reports that she has nearly completed the first stage of the SENCER SALG website. In this ...
Assessment and Evaluation News
Posted: Mar 1 2009
SENCER E-Newsletter, October 2003, Volume 2, Issue 4 SENCER-SALG Finally a Reality! The SENCER assessment team from the University of Colorado, Boulder is ready to help campus partners use the SENCER Student ...
SENCER SALG Ready For Use: Innovative Web-Based Instruments Engage Students In Assessing Their Learning Gains
Posted: Mar 1 2009
SENCER E-Newsletter, November 2003, Volume 2, Issue 5 The web-based SENCER Student Assessment of Learning Gains (SALG) has been finalized and is ready to be used by SENCER faculty and their students. The SALG ...
Posted: Mar 1 2009
SENCER E-Newsletter, November 2003, Volume 2, Issue 5 The on-line SENCER SALG website is ready for use for the Fall 2003 classes. The steps for using the SENCER SALG in your SENCER course are outlined below. Step ...
A Brief History of the Development of the SALG and the SENCER-SALG
Posted: Mar 1 2009
SENCER E-Newsletter, November 2003, Volume 2, Issue 5 The Student Assessment of their Learning Gains (SALG) instrument was developed in response to the expressed need of classroom innovators for a valid student ...
Field Report: Using the Pre- and Post SENCER SALG HINTS for SUCCESS - By: Karen Kashmanian Oates (George Mason University; Co-PI, SENCER)
Posted: Mar 1 2009
SENCER E-Newsletter, November 2003, Volume 2, Issue 5 Those of you who've been involved with SENCER for a long time have no doubt heard David and me talk a lot about the SALG, and especially the SENCER SALG. ...
First Results from the SENCER SALG Reported - By: Tim Weston, University of Colorado
Posted: Mar 1 2009
SENCER E-Newsletter, March 2004, Volume 2, Issue 7 Ten SENCER instructors and their students have finished the first round of surveys for the SENCER Student Assessment of Learning Gains (SALG). The SENCER SALG is ...
SENCER Students Show Significant Gain in Science Literacy
Posted: Mar 1 2009
SENCER E-Newsletter, November 2004, Volume 4, Issue 3 Results from Spring 2004 SALG - By: Tim Weston, University of Colorado-Boulder During spring 2004, the SALG was completed by 32 courses and nearly 1400 ...
SENCER SALG Update: Math SALG Developed
Posted: Mar 1 2009
SENCER E-Newsletter, November 2004, Volume 4, Issue 3 By: Susan Lottridge, James Madison University The Fall 2004 semester has brought a lot of activity with regard to the SENCER SALG. Aside from a large number of ...
Philadelphia University Receives Notice of CCLI Award
Posted: Mar 1 2009
SENCER E-Newsletter, June 2004, Volume 3, Issue 1 We are pleased to share the news that Anne Bockarie, Jeff Ashley, John Pierce, and Faye Ross of Philadelphia University School of Science and Health will receive ...
SENCER SALG Implemented in 41 Courses by 2,918 Students This Fall
Posted: Mar 1 2009
SENCER E-Newsletter, January 2005, Volume 4, Issue 5 Sue Lottridge, SALG Website Developer, Assessment & Measurement Program, James Madison University This Fall, twenty-six SENCER participants implemented the ...