Background and Context

EDU 608, ENG 218, EDU 630, ESC 203, BIO 408 five course interactions that meet at Hampton University, Tyler Street, Phenix 302, Hampton, Virginia 23668.

Anne L. Pierce, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Education, Email:, Phone: (757)728-6751,

George Burbanck, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Environmental and Marine Science, Email: george.burbanck@hamptonu,edu, Phone: (757)727-5752,

Barbara Abraham, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Chair Department of Biology, Email:, Phone: (757)727-5283, and

Judith Davis, Assistant Professor of English, Email:, Phone: (757)727-5943.

Place in the Curriculum

Since this project involves the timing of five courses, the basic information about each course is provided in Table 3. Students across courses connect with community groups involved with river restoration, study the natural history of the river, and stewardship of place through mapping exercises. All course products become part of the Riverscape website which reinforces the campus technology requirements.

Table 3 - Basic Course Information (Acrobat (PDF) 97kB Jul28 08)

Internal and External Funding Sources

Since the focus at Hampton University is on exemplary teaching, we committed 10% of classroom time to this project, approximately $18,000. As one of our outcomes for the second year of our SENCER funding we wrote a proposal to the NSF Curriculum adaptation program to institutionalize Riverscape as a field course involving Howard University and Prince George's Community College who are interested in documenting data for the Anacostia River as a comparison to the Hampton River.