Evaluating Learning

Student Evaluation

At the first meeting of the class, I give the students a pre-assessment which gauges their knowledge of key topics that we will cover during the course that they might have seen in previous math courses. I used this information to decide what level of knowledge I can assume the students already have attained and how much time I need to spend on (re-) introducing these topics. I give the same set of questions at the end of the term as a post-assessment. (See Appendix for Pre-Course Assessment)

During the term, I regularly use methods of Formative Assessment (adapted from Dylan William, Assessment for Learning. See Appendix for description of Formative Assessment). For example, when students are working in groups, I can circulate among the groups, listen in to their discussions, and get information about the students' level of understanding.

Part way through the term, I had students fill in a course feedback that asks them what is helping their learning, and what is interfering with it, as well as any changes they would recommend.

Work that is graded and contributes to the final grade:

  • Weekly homework
  • Occasional quizzes
  • Two mid-term exams
  • Final project

Course Evaluation

Students fill in the standard college wide course evaluation form, as well as a questionnaire that I developed using the web-based "Survey Monkey." I have noticed that they write more extensive comments via the computer than when I had them fill in the questionnaire by hand.

Final Course Questionnaire can be found at:

Survey Website